{AD/Review} LOL Surprise Furniture Packs Series 2

My eldest girlie is absolutely obsessed with L.O.L. Dolls! They are 100% her absolute favourite toy, the only thing she'll ever ask for, the only thing she wants to spend her pocket money on. She plays with them every single day without fail! She enjoys all the different ranges or 'series' of dolls, but personally I really love the furniture packs! It means you can actually choose which doll you would like (which is a bonus for parents, so no duplicates!) and the packs also come with 10+ surprises included too.

So we were both delighted to be able to review 2 out of the 4 new furniture packs from L.O.L. Surprise!

LOL Surprise Furniture Packs Series 2 Review

The sets we received were;

- Ice Cream Pop Up with Bon Bon
- Backstage with Independent Queen

Bon Bon comes with a cute ice cream cart and chair for her 'pop up ice cream shop', as well as adorable little ice creams and a scoop. Aside from these sweet accessories, and the pretty pastel coloured doll herself, the box also folds out to become a fun outdoor concert setting too. Meaning your little ones can play ice cream shop wherever they want!

Independent Queen comes with a fun 'backstage area' including a vanity with mirror and a chair, plus make up accessories too! The perfect set for your little ones to get their dolls all glammed up! The box itself folds onto into a backstage area so they can get ready for the big show!

Whats great about these sets is that they can be played with as they are, or they can be combined with other sets! Or if your little ones are lucky enough, all the furniture packs can be used in the L.O.L. Surprise house too!

These specific packs are part of the Series 2 furniture sets. There are four new sets to collect which include; Backstage with Independent Queen, Ice Cream Pop Up with Bon Bon, Road Trip with Can-Do Baby and Music Festival with Grunge Grrrl.

My eldest actually received two from Series 1 for Christmas, and she adores them, so I knew she would love these too! As soon as she saw the boxes she couldn't wait to unwrap all the blind bags inside! The boxes pretty much unfold when you remove the lid, so no faffing around having to set anything up either, which is great!

My eldest really loved both of these sets, and I'm impressed with them too and the range of accessories they come with! As I mentioned above, I also love the fact that you can choose which doll you would like. As fun as it is having surprises as a child, it's much easier for the parent to decide! 

One issue I have, and have always had with L.O.L. dolls is the sheer amount of plastic. Plastic around the boxes and each individual blind bag. It's a lot of packaging for such a small toy, and I totally get that the whole 'unwrapping' is part of the fun, but I'd really love to see less packaging/ more eco friendly packaging in the near future.

Aside from the packaging, I really can't fault these sets at all. LOL's are such a popular toy now and you can definitely see why!

L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 Furniture packs are available from Smyths Toys

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