Fun Exercise Classes For Kids To Try

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Over the lockdown period, we all had to become a bit more inventive when it came to ensuring our families all still got regular exercise. Whether it was a long daily walk, or joining in with Joe Wicks on Youtube, we did what we could to keep ourselves healthy during this bizarre time.

Now that a lot of places are open again, it means that many fitness and exercise classes are accepting people again too, so it's a great time to encourage your kids to try something new and perhaps even find a new hobby that they love at the same time.

There are many different types of exercises classes for children available, I wanted to share a few you may not have thought of, and who knows, your kids might get completely hooked!

Over the lockdown period we were all enjoying trying out different yoga sessions on youtube, and everyone really enjoyed it. Yoga is not only a great way to strengthen their bodies but it's the perfect way to teach children mindfulness and take notice of the world around them.

If your children love a more fast paced type of exercise, Zumba is ideal. Zumba is a high energy form of dancing, with steps to learn and routines to master - all while rocking out to their favourite tunes. It's the perfect way to burn some energy, build on teamwork and socialising skills too. 

Ballet is a great form of exercise for children. It helps build strength, balance and mindfulness too. It offers children the chance to dance, embrace their imaginations while exploring rhythm and routine too. I used to attend Ballet class as a child, and I absolutely loved it. 

Horse Riding
Horse riding is a great hobby to try. It's fantastic for encouraging your children to enjoy being outdoors, not to mention learning to ride and being able to care for a large animal too. Horse riding can help children boost their confidence, social skills, animal care and has huge health benefits too. Why not see if your local stables offer any horse riding lessons?

Street Dance
Street dancing has many benefits for children, As well as socialising and meeting new friends, dancing can be very beneficial for children. Even if they are just dancing for fun now, who knows, it may even lead them down a potential path for their future!

Martial Arts
Martial arts is a fantastic hobby for children to try, as not only does it promote fitness, strength and flexibility, but it can also help with motor skills, patience, focus, reflexes and dexterity too!

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