Bumper Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers To Teens

If you're struggling to find the best gifts for toddlers, children, tweens or teenagers, don't panic! Finding the perfect gift is tricky even when you're a parent! So I'm sharing a huge bumper load of fab gift ideas here, I'm sure you'll find that extra special present you've been looking for! A huge range of toys, books and even subscription boxes, even the child who has everything will have a massive smile of their face when they open one of these gifts on Christmas morning!

* All items in this post were gifted to me. This post contains affiliate links

Bumper Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers To Teens 2020

Gifts For Toddlers

Foam Cone Factory
Foam Cone Factory review

Foam Cone Factory from Tomy Toomies is a  really fab little bath toy. My oldest two used to have one, and I couldn't wait to let my littlest have a turn! It's so easy to you, you can just attach it to the wall next to the bath, pop some children friendly bubble bath in the cone at the top, pull the lever and it makes fun pretend foamy ice cream
! With 3 cones to fill and even a shaker full of 'sprinkles', it'll provide a lot of fun for the whole of bath time! The foam created from the bubble bath is really thick and even swirls like ice cream too. It's made of good quality , sturdy plastic in vibrant colours - perfect for toddler bath times. 

Soft Pink Suede Slippers
Soft Pink Suede Slippers review

Oh my gosh oh my gosh,
are these not the cutest little slippers you have ever seen? They are made of high quality suede which makes them feel super soft, and have a fleece inner lining for super cosy comfort! Plus, the slip resistant sole is ideal for busy little toddler feet. As well as these beautiful slippers, Dotty Fish have a gorgeous range of baby, toddler and children's shoes! These suede slippers are really high quality, thick material and the elasticated trim means they fit snuggly on your little ones feet without fear of tripping up or falling over in them. I absolutely love them, I'm definitely going to be purchasing some more shoes from Dotty Fish! (I only wish their slippers came in my size!) 

Diplodocus Soft Toy
Diplodocus Soft Toy review

Diplodocus Soft Toy review

This adorable Diplodocus soft toy is from Best Years. It really is the sweetest soft toy, and we went with the 'large' version, and he's a really good size for little ones. I love the knitted style of him and the vibrant orange colour is so cute! (He also comes in green or blue, and a range of different sizes too). Often with knitted toys they can be fairly delicate or flimsy, but this guy is sturdy, chunky and solid - he's definitely going to survive lots of toddler snuggles! I am really impressed with the quality of him, and he is just the cutest dino you will ever see! Best Years have a big range of adorable knitted dinosaur toys, I want to buy them all!
- Large Diplodocus Soft Toy £29.99

Toddler Leggings
Toddler Leggings review

These fab, vibrant leggings are from Love Leggings. I've actually got a pair of leggings from them myself and I can guarantee they are really high quality. These
Buttercup Yellow and True Blue Leggings are perfect for toddlers. Durable, colourful and long in length, perfect for a busy day in the life of a toddler. A really good price for a decent pair a leggings, the elasticated waist is thick and sturdy unlike many pairs of leggings and they are thick cotton, again unlike many pairs of leggings that become see through after a few wears, these pairs will definitely last a long time. - Full Length Children's Leggings £8.50

Magnetic Fishing Game
Magnetic Fishing Game review

This lovely fishing game is from Jaques Of London, where they sell a wonderful array of educational and wooden toys. The Magnetic Fishing Game is presented in a lovely circle sea life themed box. With 4 fishing rods and a variety of sea creatures with a magnetic 'button' on them so your child can go fishing. The creatures are really sweet, made of good quality wood shapes, and the pictures are really colourful and eye catching too. Plus, a huge bonus I found out is that on the other side of the fish are letters and numbers to aid reading, counting and spelling too! Such a sweet little game, would make a fab, educational addition to any toddler's toy box!
- Magnetic Fishing Game £9.99

Let's Play Lacing Set
Let's Play Lacing Set review

Another wonderful, educational toy from Jacques London - this Let's Play Lacing Set is a wonderful mixture of wooden letters, numbers, cars and animals with thick colour thread. Again made of strong, durable wood pieces it'd make a wonderfully educational toy for little ones, to practice their fine motor skills. The pieces are vibrant and colourful as well as big and chunky, perfect for little toddler hands (I recommend for 2+ year old's though) Such a sweet little set.
- Let's Play Lacing Set £8.99

Food Play Set
Food Play Set review

Food Play Set review

This adorable fabric food set is from Weaving Hope. They sell a fab range of fair trade toys and gifts for children, from small world play sets, to fabric food and even stocking fillers too! All their toys are unique, brightly coloured as well as being eco friendly, vegan friendly and plastic free too! This gorgeous Food Play Set is the perfect addition to a play shop or kitchen! With sausage, chicken, fried egg, cabbage, corn, carrots and green beans it's a lovely role play toy for little ones. Each item is really well made, woven with high quality fabric. I can see these toys lasting a long time, and they can be machine washed toy which is always a huge bonus when it comes to children's toys. I'm very impressed. It's such a cute set, in a little green basket. Well made, pleasing to look at and play with. Love them. 

Please Stay Here, I Want You Near book
Please Stay Here, I Want You Near book review

Please Stay Here, I Want You Near is a gorgeous little book written by Dr Sarah Mundy. A Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Mum to three. It's all about helping to ease separation anxiety when your child starts school or nursery, with lift the flaps on each page, and sweet illustrations - your child will love following along the story of Bartley bear who is feeling a bit worried about going to school himself.  It's a great little book that will engage your little ones, as well as encouraging them to talk about their feelings and be open (by answering gentle questions), as well as being being encouraged to validate their feelings. A really lovely book for all children to enjoy.
- Please Stay Here, I Want You Near £6.99

Gifts For Young Children

Tommie and Lottie Sweatshirts
Tommie and Lottie Sweatshirts review

These beautiful sweatshirts are from Tommy and Lottie, a wonderful clothing and lifestyle brand specializing in sustainably made clothing. I chose the Navy Orangutan Organic Cotton Sweatshirt and the Ochre Bee Organic Cotton Sweatshirt (This exact colour isn't available again until the new year though). 
They are both equally beautiful, made from 100% cotton so they are so soft and comfortable. Really well made and the colours are so strong and vibrant. The little logo's are just the sweetest, I found it hard to choose which ones to go for to be honest, as I love them all. Tommy and Lottie are collaborating with Herts & Middlesex Wildlife trust to help save the bees by donating £2 for every cotton bee sweatshirt sold. They are also collaborating with the Sumatran Orangutan Society to protect Orangutans and their forests by donating £4 for every cotton orangutan sweatshirt sold. You can see the whole 'Save The Bees' collection here, and the whole 'Help The Orangutans' collection here.  Honestly, I absolutely love both of these sweaters and I can't fault them at all. They're exceptionally high quality, utterly beautiful, unisex (so can be passed down from child to child), ethically made, cruelty free, vegan friendly, plastic free and both designs above really are the gifts that give back. PLUS, every design is available in both adult and children sizes.
- Children's Organic Cotton Sweatshirts £30

Transformers Battlegrounds Game
Transformers Battlegrounds Game review

Transformers Battleground is a fun new game from Outright Games. The evil Megatron closes in, and you alongside the other Autobots need to help save Earth! It's a great little strategy game for all young Transformers fans, and although it states age 7+, my boy is only 5 and could play with ease. With multiplayer mode available, it's a fun game for siblings to play together, and you can even play as the Decepticons too! Definitely recommend for young gamers!
- Transformers Battlegrounds From £27.99

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay Game
Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay Game

If your little one is a Paw Patrol fan, they'll love this fun game from Outright Games. With lots of different gameplay styles and missions, your child can play is each of the pups - Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and even Everest and Tracker too! With 2 player mode available, your children can work together to save the day on 7 different missions and lots of mini games too! I really like this game, it's a nice, happy, perfectly harmless game. Just cute Paw Patrol characters, using their mighty powers to help out their friends. The graphics of the game are good, the soundtrack is catchy too. Perfect for young Paw Patrol fans! 
- Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay £34.99

Three Bears Cookery Club Bake Along Subscription
Three Bears Cookery Club Bake Along Subscription review

The Three Bears Cookery Club is a multi-award winning bake along subscription box that helps teach children how to cook and develop independence in the kitchen. Each subscription box comes with 3 recipe cards (sweet and savoury) - ours came with recipes for 'Bonfire Pasties', 'Giant Cookies' and 'Cheese Bread Rolls'. It also comes with the dry ingredients needed for one recipe, journal cards to record how the recipe went and a space to add pictures, plus a list of the shopping and equipment needed per recipe. The Three Bears Cookery Club is suitable for all ages and it's a great way to encourage your children to learn new skills and become confident in the kitchen - plus tasty snacks! Last but not least, the thing that makes this subscription box so unique is the fact you can join their facebook group and join in with a virtual bake along too! -
Three Bears Cookery Club Bake Along At Home Subscription - From £12.49

Screwball Scramble Level 2
Screwball Scramble Level 2 review

I used to have the game Screwball Scramble as a child (I think I originally got it from a car boot sale!) but I really loved it! It was a fun game to play alone, and it required concentration and determination to complete it! Now TOMY have introduced a new take on the family favourite - Screwball Scramble Level 2! It's a fab, fun but educational toy as players have to try to guide the marble through the maze using sliders, buttons and wheels to get through each obstacle! I have to say, level 2 version is just as fun as I remember the original to be! It's a game of practice and skill, the perfect game to challenge yourself, or play with others and see who can complete it in the shortest time! The type of game you'll want to keep coming back to again and again!
- Screwball Scramble Level 2 £19.99

Where Snow Angels Go Book
Where Snow Angels Go Book review

If you're looking for a beautiful new book to read with your children this year,
Where Snow Angels Go by Maggie O' Farrell is absolutely it. A wonderful story about snow angels, surviving to protect you after the snow is gone. The little girl in the story meets her snow angel at the beginning of a long illness, when she is in danger and when her wish comes true. It's a beautiful, heartfelt, magical book about addressing your fears, looking after each other and keeping others safe. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, it's reassuring, it's sad, yet heartwarming. A really magical book that'll soon be up there with the classic like The Snowman and It's A Wonderful Life. - Where Snow Angels Go £10.75

Magformers create a wonderful array of magnetic construction sets in many different shapes and sizes. From simple geometric shapes, to characters and even food items too! They all connect together easily using built in magnets to foster brain development, motor skills, exploration and imagination skills too! The pieces are all sturdy and high quality plastic, with little risk of little ones being able to access the magnets themselves, it's a fab toy for young children and older children alike.

The Magformers Window Plus 20 is a fab little starter set, with 8 triangle pieces, 6 solid windows and 6 squares it's a great introductory gift for budding builders to use their imaginations and understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

Magformers Window Plus 20 review

The Magformers Minibot's Kitchen Set is a whole new ball game. It contains 18 magnetic shapes, 14 accessories (including a fridge, table and chairs!) and one cute little robot chef figure. Your little ones can use their imaginations to go wild and create all sorts of fun little spaces with this set. It's compatible with other sets too so children can really explore lots of different possibilities and make anything they can think of! - Such a sweet little set, I love it!

Magformers Minibot's Kitchen Set review

The Stick-O Cooking Set is something completely different again! It contains big magnetic pieces, perfect for younger children. With cooking utensils, and even food items, children can play chef while using their motor skills, construction skills and letting their imaginations go wild! I really love this set as it's the perfect, chunky size for toddlers+ meaning everyone can join in with the magnetic construction fun! - Magformers Window Plus 20 £24.99, Magformers Minibot's Kitchen Set £15 and Stick-O Cooking Set £24.99

Stick-O Cooking Set review

100 Kids Books Scratch Off Bucket List
100 Kids Books Scratch Off Bucket List review

We absolutely love reading together in our family. We read together every day, I'm always buying new books for us all to enjoy too. That's why I really loved the sound of this 100 Kids Books Scratch Off Bucket List from The Personalised Gift Shop (They have a fab range of Christmas gifts this year!). This beautiful poster is a great way to encourage your little ones to pick up a book, as they'll love the excitement of being able to scratch off a new square! It features a lovely selection of books from 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt and other children's classics, to YA books such as 'The Hunger Games'. A really good quality poster, with sweet illustrations and lots of fun book ideas for your children to read. Would make a wonderful good for any little bookworms! - 100 Kids Books Scratch Off Bucket List £12.99

Children's Book Club Subscription
Children's Book Club Subscription review

As I mentioned above, we absolutely love books in this house, so I was very happy to discover Children's Book Club! It's a lovely subscription service where they send you a brand new book each more, personalised and handpicked to suit your child's interests and age. Each book is sent lovingly gift wrapped with care, and they even come with fun questions to answer after reading the book to keep your children interested and engaged! I absolutely love this gift idea, it's something so thoughtful and personalised, and personally I don't think you can beat giving the gift of a beautiful new book. One thing I particularly love about Children's Book Club is they focus on independent publishers to help you discover many hidden gems and inspire a love of reading in everyone. Such a wonderful gift idea, one that can last for many months too!
- Children's Book Club Subscription, From £11.99

HEXBUG Mechanical Dragon
HEXBUG Mechanical Dragon review

This fab dragon from HEXBUG is so much fun! He's a dinky little 'pet size' toy, with LED lights to create the fire breath, loud roars and a remote control to decide what you want him to to do! He has rubber paws than spin around as he walks, big adjustable wings and a tail that moves too! One things I'm very impressed with, is the fact that it comes with rechargeable lithium batteries, which is a huge bonus when it comes to children's toys. The HEXBUG Dragon is such a unique, fab little creature, a lovely gift for boys or girls! - HEXBUG Mechanical Dragon £23.72

Little Cooks Co Subscription
Little Cooks Co review

Little Cooks Co are healthy cooking kits for children, in the form of a monthly subscription box. Each box contains two fab, fun recipes created by a registered nutritionist. The first recipe has all the dry, organic ingredients you will need included, perfectly measured out and in compostable packaging too! (Huge bonus!). The second recipe is a great, bonus idea that can be used as a healthy side for a family meal. I love that it's not just about snacks in this subscription box. The box also includes a record book to fill in, plus a sticker to stick in once they have completed the recipe, a small selection of cards to spark positive conversation at the dinner table, and an extra little surprise too! We received a cute little packet of seeds and instructions for planting and eating the plants too! Aside from the being a fab little gift idea for budding bakers, there are a few more things I absolutely love about the Little Cooks Co subscription boxes. There are no wheat, dairy or refined sugars in the kits, so ideal for children with allergies, plus with each box purchased, they donate the cost of a healthy breakfast to Magic Breakfast a charity that works to ensure no child in the UK ever has to miss out on breakfast. I'm really very impressed with this subscription box, the boxes, products and the company as a whole! - Little Cooks Co Subscription from £8.33 per box

Gifts For Tweens/Teens

Create Your Own Happy book
Create Your Own Happy book review

Create Your Own Happy is a wonderful book from award winning parenting bloggers Becky Goddard-Hill and Penny Alexander. It's a beautifully illustrated book aimed at older children to teenagers, to help encourage them to be confident, strong and most of all happy. We are all responsible for recognising our emotions and creating our own happiness, and this fab little book gives many fun, creative ideas to help children achieve just that. Create Your Own Happy is chockablock cover to cover full of fab exercises and activities for children to enjoy alone, with friends or family! From making a happy playlist, to planting seeds - there is absolutely something for every type of child in this wonderful book. I am so very impressed with this book, all the activity suggestions are fab, the way it is written is so warm and welcoming, and the illustrations are gorgeous. Although this book is aimed at tweens and teens, many of these activities are suitable for younger children and even adults alike. There's a lot of positive motivation to be had from this lovely gem of a book. - Create Your Own Happy £7.98

Create Your Own Calm book
Create Your Own Calm book review

I absolutely loved Create Your Own Happy (above) so I knew I'd be a big fan of this book, also by Becky Goddard-Hill too, and I absolutely am. It's full of great tips to help children deal with and explore their emotions. Ensuring children know that their opinions are valid, and should feel allowed to express and deal with those emotions and anxieties without judgment. Create Your Own Calm is full of wonderful tips and activities for children to enjoy, alone or with others - I particularly love the different sections such as worry, or relationships and the illustrations are again beautiful! It's written in such a calm, relatable way that again feels like the author is speaking to the child at their level, as opposed to being above them. I'm a big fan of this book, It's ideal for older children to work through in their own time, or even younger children (or even adults!), to encourage everyone to take time out for themselves and learn express their emotions. I really love this book, the perfect book for any child who may have been struggling this tough past year. - Create Your Own Calm £7.98

Mad Beauty Advent Calendars
Mad Beauty Advent Calendars review

Mad Beauty Advent Calendars review

If you're looking for a different type of advent calendar for your older tween or teenager, and if they love playing with makeup, I'd definitely recommend the Mad Beauty Advent Calendars. With 24 individual beauty products behind each door, they would make a fab gift for a loved one to celebrate the beginning of the festive season. The Oh Deer Beauty Advent calendar has a gorgeous night time scene on the front, with beautiful colours of purple, blue and pink and two sweet deer silhouettes. The Christmas Light Advent calendar has a wooden look design with a sweet Christmas lights print - perhaps the more 'grown up' of the two calendars, but both are equally lovely. Both the advent calendars contain the same good quality, vibrant items - 2 lipsticks, compact powder, 5 lip glosses, 3 nail varnishes, 3 eye shadow sets, an eyeliner pencil, a lip liner pencil, blush, a sharpener, a toe separator, nail file, blusher brush, lip brush, nail stickers and an eye shadow applicator. All in all these advent calendars are great value for 24 individual products, they are well presented and the designs are very cute! - Mad Beauty Oh Deer Advent Calendar £20 & Mad Beauty Christmas Lights Advent Calendar £19.99

I hope you enjoyed having a read through my gift guide! 
Let me know which item is your favourite?

Bumper Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers To Teens

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