Christmas Gift Guide For Mums (2020)

Christmas Gift Guide For Mums 2020

I can't believe Christmas is less than 7 weeks away! I am not prepared at all! But I am here to help you with a few gift ideas! I'm sharing this wonderful Christmas Gift Guide for Mums today. With love of self care, skin care and homeware products, you're sure to find something perfect for the mum in your life this Christmas!

*All products in this post were gifted to me. This post contains affiliate links.

Meee In A Minute & Meee In A Family Minute Books 

Meee In A Minute & Meee In A Family Minute Books  Review

I'm not the type of person who reads novels or fiction books like at all (maybe 1 a year) I much prefer non fiction, motivational, inspirational and self improvement books. I absolutely loved the idea behind these books, they offer different activities or ideas you can try in 60 seconds. I mean, let's be real mums are busy, especially if they have younger children - it's rare we have half an hour to ourselves, let alone the time to read a whole book, jot down and then go on to immediately implement all the ideas given. Meee In A Minute is a wise, motivational book created to boost your self esteem, express gratitude and encourage you to become a better version of yourself. 

Meee In A Family Minute is very similar but more based on your family life, relationships, being a better parent and role model to your children. I'm very impressed with these books and I'd definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of self improvement and working on themselves. - Meee In A Minute £8 & Meee In A Family Minute £8

Tone Organic Body Oil

Tone Organic Body Oil review

Tone organic body oil is a lovely, high quality oil from Bunch Skincare. It's great for moisturizing, toning and nourishing your skin plus it's natural and vegan friendly too. With rosemary, geranium and mandarin it gives a gorgeous fresh and fruity fragrance that really soaks into your skin and causes the scent to last for a while. It rubs in well to the skin and a little goes a long way, the perfect little treat to encourage mums to take some time out for themselves and look after the skin they're in. - Tone Organic Body Oil £27 for 30ml

Omega Face Oil Roller, Revive Oil Roller & Blood Orange Lip Balm 

Omega Face Oil Roller, Revive Oil Roller & Blood Orange Lip Balm  review

Omega Face Oil Roller, Revive Oil Roller & Blood Orange lip balm are all from Sonestia. 
I've been looking for a good facial oil for a while, and as I have very sensitive skin, and I do get particularly dry skin under my eyes - and then I discovered this Omega Face Oil and it's amazing. The application is simple and it really soaks in well into your skin. What's even better is that it's in a roller which makes application so quick and easy ('quick and easy', two essential words you need to hear when your a busy parent)! It's vegan, natural, palm oil and essential oil free, suitable for all types of skin - plus, even safe to use around your eyes and during pregnancy too. It's a complete win. A blend of hemp, poppy, camelina oil, omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin e, it really is the perfect blend of oils for your delicate skin. - Omega Face Oil Roller £8 for 10ml

If you need a lift, a little natural boost after a hard day, something to perk you up late in the afternoon or to wake you up in the morning - look no further than this gorgeous Revive Oil Roller. It's a blend of locally grown products and distilled essential oils such as rosemary, chamomile and peppermint to help boost tired bodies and exhausted minds. It's again really easy to apply as it's in a roller form, so you can just roll it on your pulse points when you need a quick boost. It's very moisturising and calming for your skin, plus it smells incredible. - Revive Oil Roller £8 for 10ml

Oh my oh my this Blood Orange Lip Balm is the best thing ever! It's the perfect product to repair and replenish dry and chapped lips (as well as other dry area such as elbows or cuticles) and it's suitable for adults and children too. It's made with just 4 ingredients - calendula oil, shea butter, vitamin e and blood orange essential oil. Let me talk about the scent for a minute. I absolutely love the smell of oranges, and although this is lightly scented, the smell is incredible. It's the most orangey thing I've ever smelt, it feels like such a treat when you use it. It's not a greasy lip balm at all either, it just soaks in and softens your lips without leaving a filmy coat on your lips. I love it, so much. - Blood Orange Lip Balm £5 for 15ml

Energise and Uplift Natural Candle & Relax and Nourish Natural Travel Candle

Energise and Uplift Natural Candle & Relax and Nourish Natural Travel Candle review

In my personal opinion, candles always make a lovely gift - particularly ones as beautiful as these from INTUI.  The candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and essential oils with natural cotton wicks and in recycled glass containers. Plus they are packaged in recyclable cardboard, so plastic free too. 

The Energise and Uplift candle has notes of sweet mandarin, and gorgeous floral scents of rosemary and lavender to give off a gorgeous aroma that will transform your home and your mood. - Energise & Uplift Natural Candle £25 for 30cl

The Relax and Nourish candle is just as lovely. It has warm notes of cardamom and beautiful floral scents of Ylang Ylang to create a gorgeous calming fragrance. It smells clean, cosy. Not a subtle fragrance though, nor overpowering. Relax & Nourish Natural Travel Candle £12 for 10cl

Cushions from Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Cushions from Yorkshire Fabric Shop review

Yorkshire Fabric Shop sell 1000's of different types of gorgeous upholstery fabrics suitable for sofa's, cushions, curtains, beds, chairs and anything else you can think of! They kindly offered to send me some cushions in this incredibly beautiful 'Freedom Printed Velvet' and I absolutely love them! The material is fantastic quality, really thick and luxurious. The design is so detailed and well made, I'm very impressed. If you are looking for some decent fabric for your projects, or perhaps a homemade gift this Christmas, I definitely recommend having a look at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, the prices are really good too. - Freedom Printed Velvet fabric £17.99 per square metre.

Copper Gem Cacti Terrarium

Copper Gem Cacti Terrarium The Urban Botanist Review

Yes, I'm one of those people who absolutely love houseplants and would happily fill my home with them. However, unfortunately I am also one of those people who cannot keep plants alive at all, so that's why I love succulents and cacti! Those I can keep alive. I've always loved the look of terrariums and this terrarium from The Urban Botanist is absolutely gorgeous. It's modern and stylish while still fitting in with a more clean or natural looking home, it would honestly suit any home and any colour scheme. This beautiful terrarium handcrafted with glass and copper soldering to create a really sturdy and high quality piece. It genuinely looks like an expensive piece of art! I love it. 

It's easy to look after too with 2 cacti's and one large succulent on a bed of natural gravel, and you even have the option of add LED fairy lights or a personalised wooden disk. The shape and geometric design is really lovely, and you can turn it around so the opening is at the back, or at the front, it's easy to access if you want to switch up the plants inside too. - Copper Gem Cacti Terrarium £74.95

VEX Gift Card

VEX Gift Card review

Giving the gift of a gift card is often a great option, particularly if you are struggling to find that perfect present for someone, you can give them the option to pick something for themselves, that you know they'll love! The VEX Gift Card from Voucher Express is a fab option because it gives the recipient the option of where they want to spend the gift card from a variety of places such as B&Q, John Lewis, Ticket Master and even Ikea! (Just a few examples). You can put any amount of the gift card from £10 -£250, depending on your budget or how much you like the person haha - what's great with the VEX cards too, are that they don't have an expiry date either! If you're looking for a fab gift idea for someone who is tricky to buy for, I definitely recommend a gift card from Voucher Express. - VEX Gift Card £10-£250

How To Be A Wellbeing Book

How To Be A Wellbeing Book review

As I mentioned above, I do love a good self improvement book! This little gem is so easy to read and flick through, while taking in the fun, practical and realistic advice. How To Be A Well Being from Wiley  different to other self improvement books because it almost feels as if you are taking to a friend, or a loved one who is offering you advice - instead of preaching what you 'should and shouldn't be doing' like many books are nowadays. I love that it includes personal insights into the authors lives, it just makes it all the more relatable to read and take it in. With 22 'rules to live by' it's time to focus on what's really important and really live your life to its full potential! - How To Be A Well Being £10.99

SEAMS Hand Cream

Seams Hand Cream review

With all the hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting that we've been doing over the past few months, my hands are really needing some TLC. The gorgeous yellow packaging completely sold me straight away (can you tell yellow is my favourite colour?). The hand cream from SEAMS is a special blend of shea butter, macadamia oil, rosehip oil, lavender, glycerine, oat beat glucan and more natural products to create a gorgeous, softening silky hand cream. The cream goes a long way, and smells amazing, although not overpowering or 'perfumey'. It dries really quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue on your hands at all - which I love! Just nourishing and clean. I have to be honest, I usually just grab whatever hand cream I can find - but this is truely a gorgeous product, and I will definitely purchase it again. - SEAMS Hand Cream £14 for 75ml 

'Ok Fingers' Typography Print

'Ok Fingers' Typography Print review

I love a good print, me. Whether it's a beautiful piece of artwork or a vibrant motivational quote, I'm obsessed. Ink and Drop have a huge range of wonderful prints available, from personalised to movie quotes and neon text prints to motivational words! I decided to go for the 'Ok Fingers Typography Print' and it's really beautiful! I love the message, the print is very bold and high quality too, as is the frame it came in. I'm really very impressed, and it's a truely lovely statement piece of artwork, I'll definitely be purchasing more prints from Ink and Drop. - Ok Fingers Typography Print £19 30x40cm

You And I As Mothers Book

You And I As Mothers Book review

If you're a fan of Laura Prepon (Orange Is The New Black), I'm sure you'll enjoy this lovely book from Abrams and Chronicle. It's part memoir and part self improvement/self help. Exploring the challenges of motherhood and sharing wisdom, research and practical suggestions along the way. What I really enjoyed about the book are the wise words about relationships, and relatable tips and tricks that could really benefit anyone, not just mothers. Truthfully, I'm not normally a fan of 'motherhood' books as I find them to be a bit too preachy and I'm a firm believer in finding your own way as a parent. However, this book wasn't like that at all, it was very much like chatting and catching up with a friend, offering advice as opposed to giving instructions. If you are a fan of Laura, or self help books, I'd definitely recommend a read. - You And I, As Mothers - A Raw & Honest Guide To Motherhood £17.99

Gentle Foaming Clay Cleanser & Eco Friendly Cotton Facial Pads

Gentle Foaming Clay Cleanser & Eco Friendly Cotton Facial Pads review

I'm a big fan of natural, plastic free skincare products, and I've been trying to make my skincare routine better for the environment by gradually trying new things and switching up the products I use. EarthBits have a fab range of eco friendly goodies, including beauty and skincare!

Gentle Foaming Clay Cleanser review

Their Gentle Foaming Clay Cleanser was something I was very keen to try. It comes in a little glass pot with a bamboo spoon for dispensing, completely zero plastic waste. It's made of Kaolin clay, jojoba and oats (we all know how amazing oats are for your skin)! So far, I'm very impressed, it's really lovely and exfoliating, without being greasy or messy like some cleansers can be and it smells so clean and natural. It's changed the look of my skin already, and my blemishes have cleared up really well. I definitely recommend if you are looking for an eco-friendly cleanser. Plus, it's 100% organic, 100% natural and vegan friendly too. - Gentle Foaming Clay Facial Cleanser £8.95

Eco Friendly Cotton Facial Pads review

Another item I really wanted to switch for a more eco friendly version, was wipes. I use to go through so many wet wipes to take off my make up, and then I used cotton wool pads - neither of which were particularly great and created a lot of waste. These fab Eco Friendly Cotton Facial Make Up Pads are perfect to switch to. They can be washed and reused many times over, and actually become more absorbent each time you wash them! They're made of 2 layers of cotton flannel and feel really soft against your skin, even on your delicate eye area. I'm very impressed with the high quality of these pads, they wash really well and the pattern on them is just so cute. I love them and will use them every day! - Facial Round Cotton Make Up Pads, Mixed Print, Marleys Monsters £16 for 20

Tesalate Sand Free Towel

I know what you're thinking, it's nearly Winter, why would I need a beach towel for Christmas but you'd be very wrong. Tesalate towels are incredible, no word of a lie. They are quick drying, sand repellant, soft, comfortable and thick - but easy to fold up and carry with you too! I think we are going to use ours more for a picnic blanket, with the extra large size it's plenty big enough for our family of 5 to all grab a comfy spot to sit. The material is really excellent quality and the print is simply gorgeous! I'm very impressed with these gorgeou towels and we'll definitely be using them again and again throughout the year, not just at the beach!
- Bohemian Towel For Two £79

Aromatherapy Solid Perfume, Cuticle Butter and Lip Balm 

Aromatherapy Solid Perfume, Cuticle Butter and Lip Balm Neve's Bees Review

Neve's Bees is a wonderful family run business creating gorgeous 100% natural products such as lip balms, soap and hand/foot salves. The packaging on their products is so beautiful and vibrant, and completely plastic free too! 

The Lemon & Orange Cuticle Butter is absolutely lovely! My nails and cuticles have been really dry recently, (due to the constant hand washing & the colder weather) so I was so pleased when I discovered this cuticle butter. After a few days of use, my cuticles are soft, moisturised and hydrated again! The fresh scents of lemon and orange essential oil give an amazing, citrusy fragrance. - Lemon & Orange Cuticle Butter £6.95 for 15ml

The Bee Sleepy Aromatherapy Solid Perfume is again made of all natural ingredients such as beeswax and natural essential oils. I really love the smell of lavender and have always found it such a wonderful scent, particularly when I need to get to sleep. I absolutely loved the unique idea of a 'bedtime perfume' to soothe you, and give you sleepy vibes when you need them, and I have to say it's works really well! It's the perfect little way to encourage you to practise some self care, treat your self to a gorgeous bubbly bath, pop on some cosy pj's, apply some Bee Sleepy perfume to your pulse points get some beauty sleep! I'm really impressed with this solid perfume, it's become part of my nighttime routine now, and I can see it lasting a long time too. - Bee Sleepy Aromatherapy Solid Perfume £16 for 13g

The Sweet Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime & Honey Vanilla lip balms are all lovely. The natural scents are really wonderful, strong, without being too overpowering and they are all so nourishing on your lips and soak in really well without leaving a greasy residue like petroleum jelly based lip products do, plus these lip balms are so much better for your skin as they are purely made of natural ingredients. The scents are incredible, the packaging is beautiful - I'm very impressed! My personal favourite is the Honey Vanilla, but Neve's Bees have so many gorgeous lip balms to choose from! - Lip Balms £4.95 for 8g

Snowy Winter Jigsaw Puzzle
nowy Winter Village Jigsaw Puzzle from Puzzle Crazy review

Jigsaw puzzles have become really popular again this year, and it's no wonder why! They are perfect for a little quiet time, to get your brain working and even to practise a little self care time too. This Snowy Winter Village Jigsaw Puzzle from Puzzle Crazy was designed by the talented artist Sheila Roper and it really is a beautiful piece of artwork. The puzzle is really high quality and with enough pieces to keep you busy, but not too many that you give it! It really looks lovely once completed, you could even frame it for a lovely piece of Christmas artwork.
- Snowy Winter Jigsaw Puzzle £23.50

Which item in my gift guide is your favourite?

Christmas Gift Ideas For Mums (2020)

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