Christmas Gift Guide For Stationery Addicts (2020)

Gift Ideas For Stationery Addicts 2020

Are you a huge stationery addict like I am? Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is always looking for more stationery in their lives? I am back again to help
you with a few gift ideas! I'm sharing this wonderful  Christmas Gift Guide For Stationery Addicts  today. With planners, notebooks, calendars and all the lists, you are sure to find the perfect gift!

*All products in this post were gifted to me. This post contains affiliate links.

The Positive Planner
The Positive Planner

The Positive Planner

Ohhh I'm a sucker for a good planner, but one that also encourages journalling, mood tracking and expressing gratitude too? I'm completely sold. With inspiration quotes and opportunities to fill it out every single day it's a wonderful way to kick start your mental health and wellbeing journey. I absolutely love the gorgeous yellow of the cover and the fact that it's a strong and sturdy hardback book. It makes you want to look after it, and treat it with care - as well as encouraging you to want to use it on a daily basis. I really love the fact that this journal allows to jot down the positive aspects of your week, and the negatives - allowing you to acknowledge, work on and move on from them. The Positive Planner also includes mindfulness activities, colouring pages and different topics or chapters for each week! It really does have everything! The book is made really well, with high quality materials, it would truely make a thoughtful, heartfelt gift for a loved one. The only issue I do have (I wouldn't really call it an 
issue, more of a downside) - is that the planner is only 12 weeks long. - The Positive Planner £20

The Gruffalo Family Planner
The Gruffalo Family Planner

The Gruffalo Family Planner

Every year I like to treat myself to a new calendar, silly I know but I like my calendars just like I like my diaries - with everything in them. I'm always very picky when it comes to calendars, but this fab
Gruffalo Family Planner really has it all. Individual spaces for each person per day, enough room to be able to write legibly and it even comes with lots of really cute stickers too! For special dates and occasions, just pop one of the many Gruffalo themed stickers in place and your good to go! (I like to do this at the start of the month/or the year, so I don't forget!). One of my favourite things about this calendar, aside from the stickers is the fact it has a decent sized pocket for important letters or little bits of paper I need to keep! It's fantastic! Great quality, gorgeous vibrant pictures and, well its The Gruffalo! Who doesn't love the Gruffalo! (The Gruffalo honestly has to be the most frequently read book in our house!) - Gruffalo Family Planner £8.75

Colour In Christmas Craft Activity Pack
Colour In Christmas Craft Activity Pack Eat Sleep Doodle

This Colour In Christmas Pack from
Eat Sleep Doodle is a lovely way to get creative with your little ones this Christmas, and work on a fun activity together. This pack contains six Christmas cards, 6 gift tags with ties and 3 large sheets of gift wrap, all for colouring in! It's a gorgeous way for your little ones to create some personalised, thoughtful gifts for their loves ones and a fun festive activity to get everyone in a festive mood too! I love the cute little patterns on the products, they're all really good quality and the generous size of the gift wrap too! A great little gift for mini stationery lovers! - Colour In Christmas Activity Pack £9.95

Pack Of Proud Pooches Notebook
Pack Of Proud Pooches Notebook

If you're a dog lover, you're going to absolutely
love these next few products! This gorgeous A5 Pack Of Proud Pooches notebook from Mary Kilvert is available from In Your Dog House Gifts (where they sell a fab array of dog themed gifts and products!). The design of the notebook is so freaking cute, featuring some of the best loved dog breeds. They're all so sweet! As you can tell I really love the illustrations, and the quality of the book itself is really good, not solid but strong and long lasting. The inside is blank as opposed to lines, to give you space to use the notebook for exactly what you want - whether that's your to-do list, a gratitude journal, or for some daily doodling! - Large 'Pack Of Proud Pooches' Notebook from Mary Kilvert £12

Notecards & Greetings Cards from Illustration By Abi
Notecards & Greetings Cards from Illustration By Abi

Following on with the 'dog theme' we have here, i've got some super cute cards from the illustrator and designer Illustration by Abi, and are all available from
In Your Dog House Gifts again. The cards are all so beautiful and quirky, with such gorgeous detail gone into each and every one. The quality of the cards are really great too, and I love that they are blank inside so I can use them for lots of different occasions! I'm very impressed with them, Abi is one talented lady! - Greetings Cards and Notecards from Illustration By Abi, prices start at £2.50

Productivity Pads
Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy

If you know me
at all, you'll know I'm absolutely obsessed with lists. Remember that quote "My brain has too many tabs open"? Literally me. If I don't write everything thing I'm bound to forget something important or put it to the back of my mind and it just wont happen. Also, I'm one of those people who can spend all day on the laptop, but when it comes to planning, jotting things down - I just can't do that digitally (Hence the 1000 notebooks I own), I'm totally a pen and paper girl. That's why I fell in love with these wonderful Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy

The Weekly Planner is a really fantastic product, as it truely has it all! With a space for each day, a to do list, a space for notes, a space for weekly goals, a habit tracker and even a cute little area for doodling too! What's not to love? It's A4 size too so you can easily pop it up on your wall or notice board to keep track of your week. Aside from planning my week, I also like to plan each day individually too, to ensure I am productive and make the most of my time (as there's not too much going spare if I'm honest!). 

Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy Weekly Planner

The Daily Planner is just as fab as the weekly. Being able to set your main goal for the day is hugely motivational, and the idea that you can prioritise 3 main tasks you'd like to achieve that day and 3 habits you'd like to keep an eye on, as well as a little to-do list. What I really love about this little daily planner is the fact that it encourages you to reflect on the day and sort of review it! 
Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy Daily Planner

Little List is the simplest product of the set, but the most versatile! I am always on the lookout for a thin, vertical notebook for my many many lists and this one is perfect! Whether it's used for a quick shopping list, a self care routine, gift ideas - it can be used for so many little lists, the perfect little pad to take with you wherever you go, for whenever you might need to make a speedy list!

Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy The Little List

Last, but most certainly not least - perhaps the epitome of lists of busy mums, the meal plan! This Meal Planner is ideal for planning what you and your family is going to eat that week, as well making it super easy to transfer your meal ideas onto a shopping list! With an easy tear off shopping list means meal planning can now be a breeze, rather than a chore you have to tackle! 
I'm really impressed with each one of these products from Oops A Daisy, the perfect gift for productive and list loving people! - Set of 4 Productivity Pads £20-£22
Productivity Pads from Oops A Daisy Meal Planner

Daisy Doodles Club
Daisy Doodles Club from Oops A Daisy

Daisy Doodles Club from Oops A Daisy

The Daisy Doodles club is a new club, also set up by Oops A Daisy, aiming to encourage children to develop a love of journaling using cute little characters like 'Daisy the Jack Russell'
 and 'Buttercup the Cat' to help inspire your little ones to get creative and express themselves through journaling. You can choose to start off The Daisy Doodles club with My First Journal Kit. It's a really fab set that comes with everyone your child needs to get started! Their very own B5 journal (a good, chunky size book for beginners), a special pencil, lots of fun stencils and stickers and even some washi tape! When you register to sign up with the Daisy Doodles club, you also get an exclusive stencil and an A4 folder to keep everything together! The simple steps and ideas included are a great way to introduce your little ones to journalling, and to encourage them to take some time out for themselves! It's such a creative idea and all the little bits and pieces are too cute, I'm slightly jealous! The perfect gift for all mini stationery addicts! - My First Journal Kit £21 & Daisy Doodles Club Subscription starts at £28
Otomi Notecards
Otomi Notecards

Otomi Notecards

I'm a big fan of notecards. They're a great item of stationery to stock up on, and always handy to have around. Whether you need to write a quick birthday card, thank you card or a handwritten note to a friend, having a gorgeous stack of notecards to choose from is ideal. That's exactly what these Otomi Notecards are,
gorgeous! With beautiful embossed, detailed designs on each card, they are bold, vibrant and colourful - perfect for any recipient or any occasion. The embossed texture mimics the embroidery of the Mexican Otomi people, with 4 different designs and 4 different colour coded envelopes to pick from. I absolutely love the look of these cards, and the embossing really give them that extra special touch. I really love them! - Otomi Notecards £13.99

Which item on this list is your favourite?

Christmas Gift Ideas For Stationery Addicts

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