Five Things To Do Over The Christmas Break

*This is a collaborative post

The school holidays are just around the corner, and families everywhere are going to be trying to navigate lockdown while managing the kids being at home. Christmas is an exciting time of year, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there's a ton of stuff to do with the kids!

Most things are closed right now, and if you aren't going away to visit family, and if you're going to be stuck in lockdown, you need to choose some things to do! It's nice to plan things to do over the Christmas break, and while you don't have to plan every minute of every day, you do need to have some idea of what you can do for fun together. So, let's take a look at some of the fun things you can do!

Go On A Lunch Date. 
You don't have to go anywhere to eat for a lunch date to be brilliant. Prepare a meal you know that the kids will love, and lay a tablecloth out to set it properly. Take them on a lunch date and serve them as they'd get in a restaurant. If it is safe for you to go out for a date, book a table and have a wonderful time.

Book Swap. 
Get the well-thumbed books out of the library your children have on their bookshelves and swap with friends. You can arrange it all on social media and do doorstep drop-offs so that you can all have "new" books to read together during the Christmas period.

Movie Day. 
As it's nearly Christmas, you can guarantee the weather won't be perfect. Snuggle down together and have a movie day! Everyone gets to choose one, family-friendly film, and then the older ones can choose a second one for the evening. There's nothing quite like measuring the success of Bond films with the teenagers and educating them on a whole new genre of movies. Movie day should include snacks, blankets and plenty of fun for the whole family to have. Don't forget to leave space to talk through each movie, too!

Teach The Kids To Bake. 
Whether they love cupcakes or cookies, you can teach the kids to bake over the Christmas holidays. Not only will they learn a new skill, it's the type of messy fun you will all be able to enjoy together. Baking is a great way to be creative with the kids and let them have a chance to do anything they want! You can teach them how to decorate cookies and big cakes, too!

Do A Reverse Advent. 
Get the children learning how to be charitable with a reverse Advent calendar. It may already be a few days into December, but you can still put something non-perishable in a box every day for Advent. You can then drop off these boxes to your nearby shelter, and your children will learn a great lesson in giving this Christmas.

Make these Christmas holidays the best you've ever had. You'll be able to treasure some precious memories forever.

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