Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Christmas Decor?

*This is a collaborative post 

What does Christmas mean to you?

If you live in town or a suburban area, Christmas is synonymous with lights. Almost every house is wrapped in a set of flashing garlands and intricate festive LED sceneries. Some of your bravest neighbours have probably also added the traditional XXL inflatable Santa on the drive. Ultimately, it’s hard not to feel pressured into creating a Christmas decor that matches the rest of the neighbouring houses. Is it really Christmas if you don’t have an LED precariously positioned Rudolf on the roof? 

This may sound like a silly statement, but Christmas is what you make of it. Ultimately, you can turn the festive season into a dream holiday at home, even if you don’t like the traditional decor. After all, it’s been an odd year, and you may want to claim your individualism back with an extraordinary Christmas that will look and feel like no other. 

You want a real tree 

Getting a Christmas tree is a special feeling. While you can find plenty of artificial trees that look the part, they may not feel completely right. Therefore, it can be a good idea to look around for a real tree. You can order online to get it delivered to your home. A company such as The Christmas Forest ensures that for each tree you buy, another tree is planted in Africa. 

There’s only one problem about having a real tree: it needs to be cut down to fit inside your home. At the end of a year that questioned a lot of our consumer attitudes, it’s fair to say that you may prefer a potted alternative. You can use Christmas indoor plants instead of a Christmas tree. The Christmas cactus brings bold bloom for the festive season. If you prefer a gorgeous red, try a poinsettia which will look beautiful during the winter. 

You prefer to use the time to play with the family

There is no Christmas without family time. So, perhaps, instead of the Christmas tree, you could look for a great way of bringing your family together with an arcade game system. The Pandora 5S is a gaming console that you can plug into your TV screen or any monitor for a trip down memory lane. The console is filled with retro arcade games for hours of fun. What better way to spend Christmas together than by slurping on a hot chocolate while playing Pac-Man? If you’re not one for video games, your family could enjoy a murder mystery game that allows you to stage the scene. Simple costumes and decor elements can make the puzzle more real! 

You want a purposeful decor

Last but not least, there’s nothing more depressing than having to store your Christmas decor away at the end of the holiday. Have you considered baking your decorations rather than using store-bought garlands? You could quickly turn some gorgeous Christmas biscuits onto tree ornaments with some string and colourful icing sugar. if you are an enthusiastic baker, you can even bake your own gingerbread house. There’s one thing to remember when you bake your Christmas decor: you can also eat it! 

What’s the perfect Christmas decor this year? 

After a tough year, you may not feel ready for a typical Christmas. Understandably, we need a change of routines. So why not introduce new ideas to celebrate the festive season? From baked ornaments to solving a Christmas mystery, there’s so much you can do to create a holiday with a twist!

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