Goodbye 2020


I imagine we are all glad to see the back of 2020! Although we don't honestly know what to expect in 2021, and we probably shouldn't start assuming that things will go 'back to normal' straight away, I hate to say it, but at least we are a little more prepared this year.

2020 was a life changing year for sure. It started off like any other year, lots of goals set and high expectations - then we were all thrown into the deep end. Suddenly forced to start teaching our children at home (and continuing because we fell in love with it, but that's another story!), juggling working while looking after your children 24/7, not being able to see family or friends, being scared to leave the house sometimes, let alone go to the shop, all without completely losing your mind. 2020 was A LOT.

But we are still here. We are plodding on through, taking care of our children, getting through each day the best we can. 


2020 has taught us to see the silver lining. 

It's taught us to be grateful for the every day little things, things we often take for granted.

It's taught us to take that leap, make that change. Whether it's starting a new hobby, beginning a new business, moving house, redecorating or even home schooling. 

It's taught us the importance of caring for others, helping strangers and being part of a community.

It's taught us who the important people are in our lives. The ones we really miss when we aren't around them, and to not take the time we do see them for granted.

It's taught us to slow down. We are all so used to being in a rush, constantly having things to do and places to be, but being given the opportunity to just hit the stop button has shown us how to appreciate a slower, calmer way of life.

It's taught us to follow our passions and do things that bring you joy and happiness.

It's taught us the importance of self care and looking after our mental health.

Above all, it's taught us that we are STRONG.

Happy New Year to you all, let's make it a good one xx

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