Wellbeing Books - Giveaway!

I thought I wanted to start this new year on a positive note, so I've got a fun giveaway starting now!

Before I get into it, I just wanted to say a little thank you. Thank you for those who have stuck around this past year. For those who keep popping back, checking in and keeping me and this blog going through the last 12 months - it has been a struggle. (Let's send some love to those travel bloggers though, who have definitely suffered worse than myself).

There hasn't been a single day where I haven't connected with at least one reader, or a week when I haven't received consistent views and it really means a lot. I was honestly distraught early last year because I truly felt like this was going to be it, my blog wasn't going to make it through the year - but it did! I stuck around, and so did so many of you - it's hugely appreciated. 

But this year, I'm coming back stronger. I'm working harder, if this silly little website can make it through the struggle of 2020 then I cannot wait to see just how far it can go!
Now, onto the giveaway! I've got two fantastic books to giveaway, one for adults and one for children - so feel free to enter either/ or both!

How To Be A Wellbeing 
I previously featured this fab little book in my Christmas gift guides, as I am a complete sucker for a self improvement book. I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to give you all the chance to win your own copy too! It's so easy to pick up and browse through, and soak up the fun and practical advice inside. 

It's not a preachy "do this, do that" type of book, it's comforting and relatable to read, as if you were having a chat with a friend or a loved one. This year it's time to focus on what is really important to you, and to your life - and How To Be A Wellbeing can help you on that journey!

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal For Kids
The ability to express gratitude and take notice of all the little things we have to be thankful for, is a huge, and important thing to teach our children. Of course, we wont them to grow up recognising the gifts they have been given, and all the wonders life can bring. Starting a gratitude journal is a fantastic way to encourage us all to be thankful for what we have, both big and small things. This fab little journal is created in a child friendly way, with space to fill out a simple page each day. Perhaps it could be used to start the day on the right foot, or finish the day with a happy heart. 

The competitions will run from 6th January 2021 - 20th January 2021.

You can enter the giveaways through the Rafflecopter widgets. UK entrants only, must have a valid email address.

Once the winner has been verified and contacted, and the prize has been delivered, their first name and surname initial will be displayed on the Rafflecopter widget. All other information from every entrant will be permanently deleted after the competition is over.


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