Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas

We are going all out for Valentines Day this year,
(because why not?) I'm planning a full week of homeschool based on Valentines Day and Love! We've started putting up a few decorations here and there already, and then I thought, this was the perfect opportunity to crack out my craft supplies, take some time out for myself and make something too! So I put together a few easy, quick but cute and Valentine themed crafts to decorate our home, and I wanted to share with you these Valentines Day Craft Ideas with you!

Book Page Banner
Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas

I've loved the look of these when I've seen them before, online and in shops - and all I could think was,
I could do that!

Turns out, it's surprisingly easy to make, I'm a bit of a pro at making banners and garlands haha (I love making them!) 

To make this sweet little book page banner, I ripped out some old book pages (perhaps glue them onto card to make them a bit sturdier) and cut them into the shape I wanted. I decided to go with a square shaped banner. 

Next I attached the hearts to the pages. I love the idea of using foam hearts to make the banner a bit more 3D but I just used what I had - thick card and red paint!

I painted my hearts and stuck them into the centre of the banner pages and left them to dry.

Next, you'll need to cut a length of string or thread and attach your book pages to it, I use tape so I don't have to wait for it to dry!

Hang it up, and you're all done! Cute, right?

Painted Heart Pallet Sign
Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas

I've had this mini pallet for a
really long time. I bought it from Hobbycraft a few years ago with the intent on making..something and never got around to it, so I thought I'd use it now! 
(THIS is the pallet I used, but you could totally try making your own too!)

Again, this craft was so easy to make. I painted my board white to make it a bit brighter, and I made a heart template on paper and drew around it in pencil. I then went on to paint over the pencil and fill in the heart with red heart. 

I gave the heart a couple of layers of paint, and when it was all dry, I sanded it just a touch, to give it that rustic look.

Honestly? I love it. It's simple, it's cute. It's very me.

Hanging Hearts
Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas

I've actually made these hearts before, and I just thought they were too cute to not make again! Last time I made them I used red card and pink wool, but I decided to switch it up this time and use plastic cellophane wrap (that I already had from a birthday gift!) and red thread.

I'm not the best at drawing hearts, so again I made a little template out of card and cut out lots of hearts! Once I had a bunch of hearts, I cut out a long length of red thread, and stuck the hearts onto it using clear glue. How freaking cute is this right? 

So there you go, my easy peasy Valentines Day crafts this year!

Will you be decorating for Valentines Day?


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Quick Valentines Day Craft Ideas - Home Decor

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