Mothers Day Gift Guide (2021)

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again, Mother's Day will soon be here and I have compiled a sweet little list of gift ideas to suit all mums. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mum, your mother in law or even for yourself - all these gifts can be ordered straight away, online!
Each item is this gift guide was gifted to me, opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five Book
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

Five Minute Mum; Give Me Five is a fab book by the blogger and author Daisy Upton. It's full to the brim with fun, educational activities for children (from age 1 upwards) and here's the best part, each activity takes 5 minutes to set up and can be done with household items. I think it's freaking genius. The book is really high quality, with bright vibrant photographs and so many easy activities to try. 

EcoYoga Colour Free Mat
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

I've made a promise to myself this year, that I am going to work on my health (both mentally and physically) for myself. As well as running, yoga is something I really want to practice a lot more this year. This fab
EcoYoga Colour Free Mat is from Yoga Bliss. It's made of sustainable and plant based materials with a jute fabric on one slide and a gripping rubber underside. I love the natural look of these mats, and they do come in other colours too, plus a huge bonus - it's machine washable!

Tea Treat Gift Set
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

If the mum in your life loves a good cuppa, this beautiful
Tea Treat set from HotTea Mama would make a fantastic gift. It comes with a really sweet, decent sized mug with the word 'Mothers Are Magic' and lots of sweet drawings of mums. The set also comes with 2 different teabags, 'Get Up & Glow' teabag is a delicious, extra fruity tea (with grapes and tropical fruit) for a tasty boost of energy without the caffeine. 'Night Owl' is a relaxing, calming tea (with chamomile and lavender) to help mums to unwind after a long, hard day. I love this set because it no only makes a really lovely gift, it'll help encourage mums to take 5 minutes out for themselves each day, even if its just to drink a hot cuppa in peace!

Personalised Rings Of Love Necklace
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

I love personalised jewellery, especially if it's about my children. I haven't had a new piece of personalised jewellery since my littlest was born, so it's so wonderful to have something with her too. This beautiful Personalised Rings Of Love Necklace is from Pure Essence Greetings. It's sterling silver plated and is made of a set of three rings, each can be personalised with anything you would like! Names, dates, messages, quotes even! I decided to go with my 3 children's initials, so it would be extra special and personal. I decided to go with a rose gold colour, which I absolutely love. The chain is a good length, and the three rings are really good quality and thick too, so they wont get damaged easily. A lovely, thoughtful and personalised gift. 

Understanding Children And Teens Book
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

If you know me, you'll know I love a good non fiction book. I love the feeling of expanding my knowledge and improving myself as a person.
Understanding Children And Teens, written by Judy Bartkowiak is a practical guide for parents and teachers to help connect with children using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Art Therapy. With lots of clear examples and explanations, this book is full to the brim with ideas of how to connect with children, using relatable tools such as Lego and Moshi Monsters! Its a fab book to regularly have a flick through and embrace some of the challenges to help build a stronger relationship with your children, and how to encourage them to grow up with a positive mindset. A wonderful little book, and a fab addition to the bookshelf!

Happy Ever After - Financial Freedom Isn't A Fairy Tale Book
I have to admit, I'm terrible with money. I am awful and saving, and am regularly spending money that I don't have (saying that though, I am good at sticking to a budget!) so 'Happy Ever After - Financial Freedom Isn't A Fairy Tale' is another welcome addition to my bookshelf, and one, quite frankly I needed to read. It's perfect for anyone looking for understand money a little bit more, and help create the future they want. It's written in a playful, relatable tone so it's ideal for teenagers, or adults alike and can even help encourage your children to learn more about money, how savings work and begin to build a strong financial foundation for their future. It's a fab book, fun to read, and really informative and helpful too. Definitely recommend. 

Which item is your favourite in my gift guide?

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