The Ultimate Guide To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

*This is a collaborative post

One thing that the global pandemic has taught us is that it’s so important to cherish the time that you do have with your loved ones. Social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions have separated couples across the world. So, if COVID-19 has forced you into an unintentional long distance relationship, then we’re here to help. This is run-through of everything you’ll need to do to survive being far away from your partner!

FaceTime Calls

Texting can get seriously dry very quickly. If you find that you and your partner are stuck in a bit of a rut and WhatsApp conversations aren’t as lively as they really ought to be, then put your thumbs away and jump on a FaceTime call. An hour long chat with your other half is going to allow the two of you to connect properly and catch-up on the day’s events. Video also helps add a human element to our conversations, something emojis just can’t quite convey. 

If you and your significant other are having regular FaceTime chats then there’s also less of a need to be sending meaningless text messages all day, allowing you to crack on properly with whatever you are doing. 

Netflix Party

For a cosy evening in, why not watch a romantic movie together thanks to Netflix Party? It’s important to schedule these sort of regular date nights in order to connect with one another and keep the romance alive. So, what better way to do that than a movie night?! Netflix Party enables you to watch a stream in unison with a handy chat feature so that you can laugh and cry along with the film together. Why not give it a go for your next hot long distance date night? 

Eat Together

Cooking together over Zoom is a brilliant way to have fun while you’re forced into spending time apart. Pick out a recipe together and order in your groceries in advance, that way you’re all set for an evening of wining and dining together. Don’t fancy the faff of cooking dinner? Why don’t the two of you order in your favourite takeaway and enjoy your favourite dishes together? It’s never nice eating alone after all! So, why not give this a go? Ordering restaurant quality food is easy with the like of apps such as Deliveroo.

Plan Your Next Meet-Up

In order to make the most out of the next time you will be able to see one another, be sure to plan ahead. Perhaps you could pull together an itinerary or bucket list of all the things the pair of you would like to do the next time you’re able to be together - there’s likely to be one thing that’s top of the list! Nevertheless, it’s important to reserve time for intimacy and make up for all those lost weeks and months spent apart.

Hopefully, this ultimate guide will help you and your partner overcome long distance. If you ever feeling like you could be doing more, then you could always send flowers abroad to your other half for a nice surprise? 

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