April Goals 2021

April Goals 2021

I'm gonna be really honest for a minute, this past year or so, it just feels like I've been waiting. Waiting for something to happen, something to change, things to go back to normal. I'm sure a lot of us have, but I've got to step up now. I can't just wait any longer.
I've got to continue to live my life, enjoying the little moments and making the most of each and every day. So I decided the best way to do that would be to start writing down my monthly goals again. I wasn't particularly inspired at the beginning of the year to set any yearly goals, but monthly is more manageable!

As we are still "living in chaos", and my mental health isn't at it's best right now, I'm not pushing myself too much. A few easy, achievable goals to work towards the life me and my family deserve!

April Goals 2021

So here goes, my goals for April.

* Do an activity together at least once a week (walks, games, movie nights, playing in the garden, creative activities)
* Read together more often
* Have one on one time with each child
* Eat dinner at the table during the week
* Cook more meals together

* Keep looking for that perfect home
* Organise and declutter the kitchen and my bedroom
* Swap toys around again
* Clear mess from the garden

Self Care
* Spend an afternoon enjoying the sunshine
* Be creative and make something
* Call a friend or loved one
* Waste some time - (i,e watch Netflix)

April Goals 2021

*Start running again
* Batch cook homemade soup
* Drink more water
* Eat fruit and veg more often
* Prepare snacks the night before

*Read 1 fiction book
* Read 1 non fiction book
* Use journals daily
* Save some money

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve this month?

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