March Favourites 2021

It feels so bizarre to me that it's been over a year now since the world drastically changed.  March 2021 was sort of an anniversary of the beginning of it all, not particularly one to celebrate though. I still struggle to get my head around what has happened over the past 12 months, it's just such a crazy thing to be living through. 

March felt like it flew by for me, without really much going on! I don't know about you. We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up and going on a 'bear hunt' in our town, I had my first Covid vaccine and really absolutely horrendous, but only for 24 hours after, and we celebrated a low key, but super sweet Mother's Day together.

March Favourites 2021

I'm so glad Spring has finally arrived too, even though it's still a bit chilly, the sun is shining, the days are longer and nature has come out in full bloom. Spring really is a beautiful time of year!

I wanted to share with you today, some things that I've loved over the past month.

*All items in this post were purchased by myself or given as a gift. This post contains affiliate links.

Food & Drink

Creme Eggs

I can't lie and say I've only been enjoying this for the past month, Creme Eggs arrive in shops on Boxing Day now (Crazy right?) so it's safe to say, I've been enjoying them since Boxing Day. Haha! Possibly my absolute favourite chocolate of all time.

I like to try out a few new meals each month, just to give a new recipe a go and possibly find a new favourite! 

Dublin Coddle

This Dublin Coddle recipe from Simply Scratch is one of my new favourites. It's real comfort food. With sausages, bacon and chunks of potato it's SO good! Plus it's a 'one pot meal' which is always a huge bonus and it's one you can just prepare, pop it in the oven and let it do it's thing - while it fills your home with delicious smells.

Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos
Ohhh I can't honestly believe I had never tried a burrito! It's only over the past few years I'd even tried wraps! Hahaha! But these Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos from Carlsbad Cravings are so good! I did leave out the sour cream sauce but the combination of slow cooked chicken and mature cheese is just delicious! Definitely one we will be trying again. 

TV & Films
I used to love watching films, all day every day. Now somehow it feels like I've watched all the good ones and the only ones left are mediocre at best! I tend to watch more television shows now as I can multitask when watching TV and I tend to work in the evenings. 

March Favourite tv show

Behind Her Eyes
Behind Her Eyes was one of my favourite TV shows I've watched in a long time! There was a lot of commotion about it on Twitter when it first arrived on Netflix, and many people disliking it because it was just too weird. But not for me, I love weird. Haha. It was just the right combination of a drama, thriller and a slight horror that left me thinking about it for days after. So good. 

The Handmaids Tale
I've been putting off and putting off watching this to be honest. It sounded nasty and anyone I know who had watched it just told me how upsetting and gruesome it was, but I had to give it a go. I managed to binge watch the first two seasons in a week or so, and sort of got stuck on the third. I really enjoyed it though, but it's not something I can just have on in the background so I've had to put it on the back burner while I get some work done.

Desperate Housewives
Good old Desperate Housewives arrived on Disney Plus! I used to love it when I was younger, and it's such a bingeable show! Easy to watch, a little bit drama and a little bit thriller - plus it's easy to have on in the background. I never watched after season 5, so I'll have some new episodes to enjoy once I've rewatched seasons 1-4!


I've been pretty good this year so far! Normally I'm awful and buy book after book (Non fiction books of course) but I honestly don't think I've bought any yet, I'm working through the ones I've got first.

Gratitude Journal

March Favourites 2021

Although I was given this Gratitude Journal at the end of last year I've only just gotten round to using it, but I love it! I was on the look out for a simple looking gratitude journal, without a million questions or tasks to do each day. This back to basics journal has an inspiration quote at the top of each page, a reflection section, a gratitude section, a challenge and a goal section - all help to make it clear what to aim to focus on and it's a fab A5 size. The book is really good quality and the cover is so pretty. An absolute bargain!


I recently picked up this cute dress, secondhand and I love it. I cannot wait to wear it properly, but the weather needs to warm up first! It's cotton, has off the shoulder sleeves and it's yellow! My favourite colour!

March Favourites 2021

It was originally from Next, but seeing as it was secondhand, I'm not sure from how long ago it was, but it's too cute. It's Midi length too which is perfect for me.

Children's Items

March Favourites 2021

My youngest has suddenly developed a love for puzzles! If there's two things I never mind buying for my little ones it's books and educational toys. These two puzzles are from Melissa & Doug and they are really excellent quality. The pieces are chunky, the colours are vibrant and I love that each piece has a little peg making it easier for teeny hands to grasp. I'm so going to be buying a few more of these puzzles for her. 

Blog Posts

March Favourite blog post

My favourite blog posts to write were my Oat Face Mask post and my Morning Routine As A Work From Home, Homeschooling Mum post.


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