Living Arrows (Week 18 2021)

'Living Arrows' is a lovely thing to take part in, and such a wonderful thing to look back on. Sharing every day, or special moments with your children, sharing cute photos and watching them grow up through photographs.

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth"

I'm honestly not sure what's happened this past week, it seems to have been a bit of a blur!

We were home learning every day, and we all had a good old hair chop finally!

I went with my older two as it's easier, and we can take it in turns. It was only a little trim for them as I had already given them a lockdown hair cut, but I didn't do too badly the hairdresser said! Haha.

One of my monthly goals is to ensure I spend quality, one on one time which each of the children so I thought Saturday morning would be perfect for that. We woke up early (early for the weekend anyway) and my youngest and I walked to the hairdressers for her appointment. She only had a tiny trim as obviously she's got thin toddler hair, but they cut it into a sweet little bob with a fringe, too cute!

She was a bit scared, even in the fun themed chairs like a musical car chair! It was her first time at the hairdressers after all, so in the end she sat on my lap and they put a cape around both of us. She was so good bless her. 

After the appointment we popped to the library to choose a couple of new story books, as well as themed books for this weeks learning. My older two needed some books about elephants, and my youngest needed some books about the colour red as that's her theme for the week. (I'm so happy the libraries are open again!).

Then lastly we popped to the little shop to pick up something tasty for a special treat, we went with doughnuts and sat on a little bench to eat them, chat and people watch. 

On Sunday we went for a family walk and discovered another new spot to explore! Up high in the hills, the views were amazing!

Have a fab week!

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