My 2017 Inspiration

If you know me, you'll know I love a good inspirational quote. I love posting them on my bedroom wall, and I have this one wall in my bedroom which is my inspirational wall. I like to update these regularly throughout the year, depending on how I'm feeling. I've got three main quotes put up for the beginning of the year. 

Why I Love The Disney Live Action Remakes

I actually love the Disney Live Action remakes. I know a lot of people are like "Why are they remaking such classic films? It's not going to work!", but honestly they really do work. It's like a whole new way of telling the story, or even a whole new way of telling a different perspective of a story. When Alice in Wonderland was coming out, I didn't think Oh No! Why are they replacing such a classic movie? I thought, Omg. Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman. Helena Bonham Carter & Stephen Fry in a film together. A film by Tim Burton. I loved it. It was so different to the original Disney movie, in a fantastic way. I think you have to try not to compare it to the original, and see it in a whole new light.

The remakes are really working. After Alice in Wonderland, came Malificent, a completely different tale. Showing the 'villians' side of the story. It was so different, so much more magical and modernised compared to the original Sleeping Beauty. That's another fantastic thing about these live action remakes, it gives the opportunity for expanding the canvas, new settings, new theories, new plots. I love Malficient, I loved the new take on the story. 

With the new technology we have nowadays, there is the ability to make the films look more believable, more realistic. Even crazy, weird realistic like Alice in Wonderland. But just take a look at The Jungle Book. My favourite remake so far, how incredibly realistic are the animals, the setting?! It's crazy. I absolutely love this movie, and I honestly thought I would hate it. The original Disney Jungle Book was one of my favourite films, with some of the best songs. The way I see it is, it's a different film. You don't have to compare them, just appreciate them both in their own ways!

Aside from Beauty & The Beast, there are so many live action remakes rumoured to be in the pipelines too. MULAN! (One of my personal favourites), The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cruella (based on Cruella's character on 101 Dalmations), Snow White & even Aladdin! I'm SO excited. 
I've asked a few bloggers their opinions on Disney Live Action remakes, and their responses are surprisingly positive!

"I love them as I love seeing the costumes and sets brought to life. I also like it when they add a little more to the storyline that we didn't find out in the original. I particularly liked Malificent and I hear that Mulan is coming out which I can't wait for as it's my favourite Disney movie." Nadine @ Then I Became Mum

"I loved Cinderella but cried most of the way through it. I think they could have made it less traumatic for me! Really looking forward to Beauty and the Beast - it's my all time favourite Disney animated movie so have high hopes for the live action version. Love Emma Watson too." Nikki @ Yorkshire Wonders

"Ooh I love them! So far Cinderella has been my favourite but I have no doubt Beauty and the Beast is gonna be amazing!" Jemma @ Mayflower Blogs

"The remake of Cinderella is my daughters favourite film. It's just so beautiful and the message it portrays, be kind and have courage, is everything I wish for my daughters." Laura @ Five Little Doves

"I loved the jungle book! My son also did, it's magic how they bring it too life, beauty and the beast is my favourite child hood Disney film so I am so excited about this! I'm on the fence with Cinderella as it wasn't really my cup of tea growing up anyway. My whole family loved jungle book though and has to be my favourite so far, could you imagine finding memo? Just loads of fish in a tank haha!" Paige @ Paige's Preferences

"I love them! I see them as a ' grown up' version of my childhood favourites! The costumes and cinematography have been incredible in the ones I've seen so far including the Jungle Book and Cinderella and I am incredibly excited to see Beauty and the Beast in March, the trailers have made me gasp with delight!" Jennifer @ My Mummies Pennies

"I love them, especially the jungle book, I think it opens doors to those who wouldn't normally watch them. Beauty and the beast is going to be wonderful. I think it allows adults to feel the magic where they may have lost it. " Rebecca @ Wishes & Wellies

What do YOU think about the Disney Live Action remakes?

Capturing Moments #13

Last week I decided to write up a plan of different places we want to visit this year! From casual days out to the beach, to more adventurous places like Longleat! For my little girl's birthday last week, we went on a casual trip out, to the local swimming pool! I braved taking my two little ones there on my own, and it was totally worth it. They were as good as gold, and had such a fantastic time! Have you been swimming recently?

My Scar Story

I have thousands of scars all over my body, and now I have the added bonus of stretchmarks! I also have quite a funny scar on my hip, from when I flew off a child's roundabout at a playground, when I was about 16! But today I am going to be talking about the large amount of small scars all over my legs.

❤ DIY Valentines Love Bugs ❤

I wanted to do a cute, but simple Valentines day themed craft with my little ones, and I came up with these cute little critters - love bugs! They turned out pretty sweet, yet funny! They look like fuzzy little monsters with wings! They're bugs, trust me! Haha.