Oh My Blog - Summer Holiday Edition {Guest Post}

This is Oh My Blog: A monthly blogging series that allows you to meet a fellow blogger and get their  opinions on a whole host of topics. Since its July, there’s no better time to start talking about holidays, sunshine and getaways and this month, it’s the turn of Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose & Me.

Miffy Classic Stacking Blocks {Toy Review}

I absolutely love Miffy. The stories are so lovely, the illustrations are beautiful and even the TV programme is just so sweet! I was so excited to introduce the books to my little ones, and they love them! We've got a bit of a collection now and tend to read one most nights. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that you can actually buy Miffy toys, and they are all as adorable as you'd think. We were given the opportunity to review a toy from their range, and we were sent these gorgeous stacking blocks. My little ones love them!

3 Simple, Actionable Tips For A More Sustainable Home

As we embrace the summer, which has already delivered the hottest June day in 40 years, it’s becoming blazingly obvious that the temperature in the UK is rising year on year. Whilst we enjoy the weather, though, it’s still a worry (especially when Donald Trump walks out of the G20…) that we are heading towards irreversible damage to the planet. Many people will say “well, what can I do? I’m just a drop in the ocean”, but we don’t have time for negativity like that.

When It's OK To Use A Payday Loan

We've all been there. It's not quite payday and we've ran out of money. Your car breaks down, and you don't have any spare cash to fix it at the moment! Bills, car repairs, emergencies, home repair, gifts. The unexpected items that we often need to buy, at the times when we simply can't afford to. 

Fun Things To Do In Somerset During The Summer Holidays

When you are a child, the Summer holidays never last long enough! But when you are a parent, the summer holidays tend to drag a bit, and it can get hard trying to keep your little ones entertained! So if you're in Somerset, I'm sure there will be something here you & your little ones would love to do during the holidays! Fun Things To Do In Somerset During The Summer Holidays 2017.