50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

Expressing gratitude, and being thankful is so important in life. Perhaps, the key to happiness. Appreciating the little things, and being grateful for what life has given you. When we are feeling down, it can be harder to look around and find things to be grateful for - but they are out there. There are so many things, big things, or everyday things that we should all express our gratitude for. I'm here to help you notice those little things, those everyday things - the things we might take for granted.

My Sunday Photo #32 Cousins

My two & their little cousin, being absolutely crazy diving on to the sofa. This is perfectly normal behaviour for them, let me assure you. Hahaha.

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Christmas Gift Guide - Men's Stocking Fillers

I've had the most fun picking out these stocking filler ideas for men! Me personally, (as a woman) would love lots of these too - aside from the glitter beard perhaps! Haha. These are all a bit of fun, nothing too serious - just like a stocking should be! So here are my Men's Stocking Fillers ideas! {This post contains affiliate links}

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Christmas Gift Guide - Children's Stocking Fillers

As parents we always have so many presents to buy for Christmas. Whether you do a stocking for your little ones, spend far too much on big presents or do the sensible 'something to wear, something to do, something you need' option. It still ends up being a lot of items and it can be hard trying to come up with ideas. Stocking fillers can be some of the hardest things to buy, and I used to just buy random things as I saw them! I'm sharing today some different stocking filler ideas for children. {This post contains affiliate links}