Current Kitchen Wishlist

We all like to dream right? Dream about all the things we'd buy if we had the money! I've been adding a few homely personal touches to each of our rooms recently. I really want to add a few more bits and pieces to our kitchen to make it feel more like us so I put together a little kitchen wishlist!

Eating Well On A Budget With Organix

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive – you can cut down your costs and save money each week just by spending a little time planning what you’ll cook and eat, and with a little savvy buying, cooking family meals that are filling, tasty and inexpensive will be easier than you think. Try some of these great money saving tips for your weekly shop!

The Laugh Out Loud 2017 Book Awards

The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards(or Lollies) are hosted by Scholastic, celebrating the funniest childrens books of the year. The winners are decided by children, and the shortlist is decided by Michael Rosen, Katie Thistleton and Nicolette Jones.  Have you read any of them with your little ones?

Saving Money With Plusnet

We really want to go on holiday this year. Truth is, I've never taken my little ones on holiday as we've never been able to afford it, and I do feel so guilty. The only way we are ever going to be able to go is if we scrimp & save every spare penny we have. 
We were recently given the opportunity to work with Plusnet, sharing ways to help save some dosh! They supplied us with some goodies to help us on our saving journey!

My Sunday Photo #24 Siblings In Summer

Earlier this week was just super hot wasn't it! Our house has been hotter than outside, and we haven't been coping! Haha. I bought a fan on Wednesday, then on Thursday it cooled down. Typical. Saturday it rained though and I've never been happier to see rain. It made the air smell amazing too. I'm not great when it's hot, but the little ones have been enjoying having water fights & playing outside everyday though!

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