My Sunday Photo #24 Siblings In Summer

Earlier this week was just super hot wasn't it! Our house has been hotter than outside, and we haven't been coping! Haha. I bought a fan on Wednesday, then on Thursday it cooled down. Typical. Saturday it rained though and I've never been happier to see rain. It made the air smell amazing too. I'm not great when it's hot, but the little ones have been enjoying having water fights & playing outside everyday though!

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DIY Grass People {Tutorial}

We've all grown cressheads before haven't we? Cress seeds & cotton wool in an egg shell with a painted face? We wanted to do a little something different this time & we decided to make Grass People! They were so much fun to make & their grass hair grows so quickly!

Summer Garden Wishlist

What better time to update your garden than Summer? Flowers are growing, the grass is green & all you want to do is be outside! So why not make the most of the sunshine and spruce up your outdoor space! I've put together a little Summer Garden Wishlist

Summer Trees Painting Activity

I've been teaching my little ones about the changing seasons. We decorated a canvas for Spring, and we recently painted a new canvas for Summer.

DIY Water Bombs {Tutorial}

What better way to keep cool & have fun in the sun than to have a water fight? Much better than the water balloons you can buy, reusable and easier to fill up with water - DIY Water Bombs!