6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips - To help you get it done faster and more efficiently

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! Are you the type of person who decides to clean their house from top to bottom? Or perhaps you're a tad lazy, and like to do a little less than you probably could. I'm sharing a few quick tips to make the whole chore run smoother and help you clean up, spruce up and get your home in order!

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

I swear, we are doing everything we can to try to encourage Spring to finally arrive! (and then the snow came back...) So we decided it would be fun to prepare ourselves and get excited about the beautiful season that WILL be here any day now, by making a few cute Spring-inspired crafts! What makes these crafts even better is that you'll probably have most, if not all of the supplies in your home somewhere, so no need to go out and buy much. If you need some ideas for activities to do with your little ones during the upcoming holidays, then look no further!

What To Do In Somerset This Easter 2018

There are plenty of fun Easter events going on in Somerset this year! I thought there was loads on last year, but there seems to be so many fun events and activities this year, starting now! So wherever you are, and whatever you fancy doing, on any budget - there's sure to be something here you'd love! 

My Little Ones' Bedroom Makeover

My plan for this year is to sort out each room, update it a little and make it really feel like more like us, more individual, cosier and more comfortable with lots of personal touches. I wanted to start with my little one's bedroom. 

Fun New Reads From Scholastic Book Club

I absolutely love discovering and buying new books for my little ones. It's one thing I never mind buying as we read quite a few books together every day. I've been looking for exciting books for a while, and then I heard about Scholastic Book Clubs! Specific selections of children's books available at a discounted price for a limited time.
I am a big fan of Scholastic, and we always manage to discover fantastic new books to read, that end up being some of our favourites!