Capturing Moments #13

Last week I decided to write up a plan of different places we want to visit this year! From casual days out to the beach, to more adventurous places like Longleat! For my little girl's birthday last week, we went on a casual trip out, to the local swimming pool! I braved taking my two little ones there on my own, and it was totally worth it. They were as good as gold, and had such a fantastic time! Have you been swimming recently?

My Scar Story

I have thousands of scars all over my body, and now I have the added bonus of stretchmarks! I also have quite a funny scar on my hip, from when I flew off a child's roundabout at a playground, when I was about 16! But today I am going to be talking about the large amount of small scars all over my legs.

❤ DIY Valentines Love Bugs ❤

I wanted to do a cute, but simple Valentines day themed craft with my little ones, and I came up with these cute little critters - love bugs! They turned out pretty sweet, yet funny! They look like fuzzy little monsters with wings! They're bugs, trust me! Haha. 

Taking Little Ones Swimming

It was my little girlie's birthday last week, and as a special treat we decided to go swimming. (It may not sound like such a treat to you, but she was SO excited when I asked her if she wanted to go!)
There's not always a lot to do near where we live, and as it would just be the two little ones and I, so we couldn't do anything I'd struggle doing alone. I was a bit worried about taking them both when it was just me, but they were so well behaved.

My Sunday Photo #1

I am determined to take more photos this year. I didn't have a great camera last year, not even a phone, so I missed out on many photo opportunities! I am determined this year to be more proactive & snap happy! I have decided to link up with #MySundayPhoto each week, and share my photographs! Why don't you join in too? 

It may be out of focus, it may not be great quality, but this picture makes me happy. It was my little girlie's 3rd birthday, and we were having a little party. It was such a happy, lovely day. Those are my favourite kind of photos, reminding you of those little, perfect moments.