Life Proof Your Phone With Case Hut! {Giveaway}

I swear all little ones love mobile phones. Even really young toddlers seem to know how to unlock your phone, and upload to Facebook! (Just mine?!) I've even discovered my little ones have taken photos of me sleeping! Haha! 

It's always fascinated me how young children just automatically seem to know how a phone works, and often try to use other objects as phones. TV remotes for example, and therefore, they tend to get lost! 

My Sunday Photo #15 - Spring Skies

We've sure had some beautiful weather these past weeks, but on Tuesday I took the longer route to take my little girlie to nursery. Just so I could take photos of this beautiful sky! No clouds at all!

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My Sunday Photo #14 - Easter Egg Hunt

We went on our first Easter egg hunt of the year today! It's the same one we went on last year, that's because it's a good one! It's along a big woodland trail, with lots of places to climb & explore, lots of eggs to spot & clues to answer!

My little girl tried to answer all the clues, but some were a bit too hard for her, for example "What do acorns grow in to?" "Uhmm, POTATOES!"

And another classic "Bunnies have long ears and fluffy...?" "Easter Eggs!" Haha. Bless her.

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5 Movies To Watch With Your Little Ones This Easter Sunday

What better way to spend Easter than snuggle down on the sofa, with chocolate & a movie! You might have other plans, but I know this is how I'm going to spend my day!
I wanted to share with you a few movies you could watch with your little ones this Easter!

Capturing Moments #25

So half term is nearly over! How has yours been? Ours has been pretty good, and the sun has been shining a lot which is fantastic! It means we can finally spend time in the garden, as well as visiting our newly refurbished local park! 
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