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My Stats (as of 06/08/2019)
Twitter: 4,186 followers
Instagram: 2,309 followers
Pinterest: 1,394 followers
Facebook: 2,687 likes
Bloglovin: 527 followers
Monthly Views: 3000-3500
DA Score: 33

Sidebar Advertising -  250x250px 
£30 per month

£75 for 3 months (if paid upfront)

£160 for 6 months (if paid upfront)

£300 for 12 months (if paid upfront)

Social Media Promotion - (All posts promoted will be chosen by me)

Twitter - 4 retweets of your promotional tweets throughout the month - £20

Instagram - 4 shares to Instagram stories of your promotional photos throughout the month £30

Pinterest - 4 of your promotional pins pinned to my boards - £10

Facebook - 4 shares of your promotional posts on my Facebook page throughout the month - £20

If you would like to purchase an advertising spot please do get in touch at and we can confirm details.

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