Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge ❤

3 years ago today, I set myself the challenge of doing 
'3 Random Acts of Kindness per week, for a month.'

This year I'm going to try to top that a bit, and do a
Some of my acts will be pre-planned, some will just be in the moment type things :)
But I am determined to succeed.

To bring a little joy into someone's day. ☼
Being kind is one of the most important ways to help you feel good, whilst doing the same for others.
Even small silly things, like making someone laugh, or doing a favour for someone who really needs help, 
every tiny little thing can make a huge difference to someone's life.

Every week, I will let you know how I got on, 
and what different things I have been doing.

Hopefully sprinkling a little happiness, and inspiring others to do the same. 

Silent Sunday

Lets Go For Coffee!

It's funny when people ask me, or I suggest "Shall we go for Coffee?"
I don't drink coffee. Like ever. 
I love TEA. 
But I always say "Yes, lets have Coffee."
Why not Milkshake? Or Pineapple juice?! 
Anyway, that is completely beside the point of this post.
I wanted to do a bit of a catch up.

Have a chit chat, or possibly a chinwag or maybe even a gossip?
What ever you like to call it, just imagine we are sat in a cute little cafe, sipping our hot beverages.

You'd start by saying "You look tired".
I'll say "I'm always tired, this is how my face looks now".
Then we'll laugh, and i'll be slightly annoyed about that little insult.

Right, this is not how this post was supposed to go. 
I'm just gonna blabber on a bit.

Yes I am tired.
My little girl is full of cold, and my little boy is teething.
Neither of them are sleeping, and they both prefer my bed to their own.

But right now, at this moment in time, i'm ignoring the tiredness.
I'm focusing on my goals, our plans as a family, dreams, wishes.

Every day I have a to-do list, and every evening only a few things have been ticked off, but thats ok.
Moving forward..just keep swimming.

On another point, I'm unhappy with the way I look.
Two pregancies, and two babies later, I am not the size I used to be.
I get so HANGRY and stressed that I just like to comfort eat right now. (My weapon of choice is currently Creme Eggs. I will be so upset pleased when they stop selling them.)

But that's ok, if you're unhappy with something, do something about it.
Don't just sit there and complain.

I'm joining Slimming World, with a couple of my friends soon.
I've got my exercise dvds out ready.
I'm using my Brita bottle every day, and filling my fridge with fresh fruit & veg.

Next problem is shifting this mumsy persona I feel I have.
Ok, I am a mummy, I do blog about being a mummy, and talk about it 90% of the day, but I feel like I look like one of those mums who is so unorganised, tired, stressed, and really un-put-together.

I'm getting my favourite dresses out, the ones that don't quite fit me at the moment, but thats ok - Motivation.
I'm getting my hair cut & dyed, the way I like it.

Buying myself some nice new makeup. It's good to take care of you, now & then.

I'm trying to make an effort every day.
Be healthier, feel healthier. Taking care of myself.

*and breathe* 

How are things with you?
What would you like to blabber over coffee about?

Friday Favourites



Oldie but goodie!




10 Things You Didn't Know *Tag*

I fancied doing a tag, as I haven't done one for ages.
They're pretty fun to do, and pretty fun to read, I like 'em!

I couldn't find a specific tag that I wanted to do, so I grabbed a few questions from here there and everywhere!
Feel free to nab the questions and do it yourself, 
I will be tagging a few peeps at the bottom. :)

#1 What's the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
"OH NO! What time is it?!
(That's my thought every morning. Turns out it was 6:45, and I woke up the little ones :( )

#2 What's your all-time favourite TV show?
This is a hard one, but I'd have to say Being Human!
(The UK version, not the ridiculously awful, entirely copied American version)

#3 If you could do one magic spell, what would it be?
This 'Tidy Up' spell, no doubt about it.
(The Boyfriend and I were literally just talking about this!)

#4 What was your first email address?
(You know that Aerosmith song?, SAD)

#5 What's the very last thing you do before you fall asleep at night? 
I kiss my babies. :) 

#6 What pet peeve really irritates you?
I have a lot of pet peeves, but more than anything, it's when people say 
"Pacific" when they clearly mean "Specific". Arrrrrrrrrr.

#7 How much chocolate have you eaten this past week?
At the very least, about 15 Creme Eggs.
(Please, shops, stop selling them already!)

#8 Name your all time favourite book?
Matilda by Roald Dahl. 
Such a good book.

#9 How long does it take you to get out of the house in the morning?
If its just me getting out the house, I'd say about 30 mins!
If it's me & the littlies, atleast 2 hours! :/

#10 What is one thing you would like to achieve this year?
Start Studying again! 

I tag Emma, Danielle, Olivia, Lisa & Jemma. :) <3

Dressing Against The Norm

DIY Date Night Jar

Me and The Boyfriend never really spend quality time together. When the little ones are in bed, i'm too tired to move really. We just end up watching tv, or I go on the computer, and he goes on the Xbox.

I'm partly to blame yes, so I decided to come up with some date night ideas, 
so we can appreciate each others company now and then. 

I'm even going to write them on the calendar. There's no excuse. :)

I also wanted to get a little creative and make him a gift for Valentines Day, so why not combine the two?
And Ta-Dah! The Date Night Jar!
I've seen a lot of good ones on Pinterest, so I wanted to give it a go myself.

You Will Need:
* A Jar
* Lolly Sticks (I bought coloured ones)
* Things to decorate your jar
* Date ideas!

1. Decorate your jar! 
I was going to paint the jar, or decorate it in some way, but I decided to just leave it clear.
I did however decorate the lid, with red acrylic paint, and some sparkles. :)

2. While that's drying, write down your date ideas on the lolly sticks.
I colour coded mine -
Plain for out & about dates &
Coloured for stay at home dates.

3. Pop all your date idea sticks into the jar. Top it off with a label, and some string!

4. And ta-dah!

Now all you have to do is when Date Night comes around, pick out a stick.
No more "What shall we do?"!
What do you think?
Will you be making a Date Night Jar?

Silent Sunday

Friday Favourites






I never thought I would ever have Justin Bieber on this blog.

10 Disgusting Things Mums Do

What things did your mum do when you were little?
Did she lick her finger & wipe your face?
Or perhaps give you lots of big wet slobbery kisses on the lips?

Mums (and dads!) seem to do a lot of gross things to be honest, and not even bat an eyelid.
All mums do these things (don't tell me you don't! :p)

1. Sniffed a baby's bottom
I mean like get your nose right up in there.
Everyone does that right?

2. Picked bogies out of a little one's nose

3. Licked your finger, and wiped little ones face clean
I think it's just something that happens when you become a parent!

4. Celebrated someone pooing!!

5. Taken a peek in a suspected pooey nappy, using your fingers
Only to discover you were right, and now have poo fingers!

6. Wipe snot from little ones noses, with your bare hands
Or at the very least, using your sleeve.

7. Stick your hand into the toilet
To retrieve toys, dummys, whole toilet rolls, or even shoes.

8. Picked out ear wax

9. Deliberately caught vomit

10. Gone to the toilet, whilst holding baby

What disgusting things have you done as a parent?

Or maybe you're not a parent, 
but you've still done these things! Haha

Things That Make Me Happy! :)

I started a new series simply called
I let you in on a few of my favourites things, in list form (one of my favourite things, lists!)
You can see my previous a-z's here :)

Today it's
Appreciating the little things
Dancing (with the little ones)
Little Ones
Reading books
Underwear that matches
Video games
Young-At-Heart (The way I feel)

What makes you happy?
What would be on your a-z list?

Silent Sunday

What We're Doing For Valentines Day ♥

I have never really celebrated Valentines Day. I've exchanged chocolates and flowers, lovey dovey cards etc

I still don't really intend to go crazy this year, but I am going to celebrate it!

Our plan for the day is to spend the day with the little ones, bake some gingerbread hearts, play all day.

I'm going to be cooking steak, onion rings, mushrooms, chips, the works, for our dinner. It doesn't sound romantic, 
but you can't beat a good steak. :)
Let's just hope I don't burn them! Haha

Finally when the little ones are tucked up in bed, I've got a little 'couples quiz' for me and the boyfriend.

Then the plan is to snuggle on the sofa, lots of snacks and watch a nice, cheesy movie together.

A relaxing and stress free day. :)
(Well, let's hope it goes to plan!)

What's your plans for Valentines Day?

Friday Favourites - Valentines Day Edition ♥



I like this song, ok? :)




Free Valentines Day Printables ♥

I seem to be a tad obsessed with Pinterest at the moment.
Pinning anything and everything!
I've obviously been collecting a lot of Valentines themed pins lately, and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Valentines printables with you!

Enjoy! :)

(click on the images to follow the link)