Silent Sunday

How Children Can Teach You To Appreciate Life ☼

I try my hardest and aspire to teach my children all about the world, and life, 
but the truth is, children can teach you so much about the way to live it. 

Children can inspire you to try your hardest, and enjoy life in the best way possible. 
They can open your eyes and allow you to view the world in a totally different way. 
They may help to shape you into a more happier, kinder person.

Live Every Day To The Fullest
Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Forgive Often
Children do not hold grudges. 
They may be angry at you for a little while, but as soon as they're done with that, 
they'll love you unconditionally again.  

Take Risks & Be Brave
Children can be totally fearless. They do things because they want to and enjoy themselves. 
Use your best judgement, but be brave and take a leap now and again. 
Do something you didn't think you could/would. Take a chance.

Apologise To Others
You teach your children to say sorry, but do YOU apologise to others? 
Are you stubborn and refuse to be the first one to say it?
Just say it. Apologise first.

Accept Others For Who They Are
No one is perfect, children accept you for who you are, not who you aren't. 
They don't care if you can't cook, aren't wearing make up or weigh more than you'd like. 
They love you for you. 

Keep Learning
Never stop. There's always something new to understand, explore, figure out.

Express Your Inner Child And Be Silly
You do silly things, sing songs, dance like a crazy person to make them laugh. 
Its important to laugh and be silly sometimes, even when your children aren't around.

Live In The Moment
Slow down, take note of what's going on around you. 
Appreciate what you have before its gone.

Ask For Help
As adults, most of us tend to be too stubborn to ask for help, 
and sometimes we truly need it, but are too scared to say so. 
Everyone needs help sometimes.

Appreciate The Little Things
Stop, look around. Appreciate all the good things you have in your life. 
Don't just let everything pass you by. 

If At First You Don't Succeed..
Try and try again. If you're determined, you can do it. 
Children don't just give up on trying to roll/crawl/walk, 
they're determined so they will keep on trying!

What do you feel children can teach you?

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19 Edible Food Bowl Ideas


Happy Weekend!

DIY Sleepy Spray ☾

There is a lot of inspiration for creating your own 'Pillow Mists' or Bed Freshener Sprays on Pinterest at the moment. 
I decided to join in and create my own version :)
I love the smell of lavender, and it honestly does make me drowsy & help me sleep better.
(I know a lot of people who hate the smell, so you could adjust the "recipe" to your preferences)

To create your own Sleepy Spray
You Will Need:
* A Spray Bottle
* Distilled Water
* Essential Oils of your choice,
I used Lavender & Chamomile.

1. Add 15-20 drops of the oil you want to be the strongest smelling (Lavender)
2. Then add 10-15 drops of another scent (Chamomile) 
3. Fill up the rest of the bottle with distilled water, and give it a good shake.
4. Spritz it onto your bedding before you get in.
5. Sleep well 
What do you think of this DIY, will you be trying it?

Have you ever owned a 'Pillow Mist'?

Stamptastic Review & Giveaway

I recently had to opportunity to review a personalised stamp & ink pad from Stamptastic.
Is it ridiculous how excited I was to receive a stamp?
Stamptastic is a 'new fast way of naming all your belongings!'
They create personalised stamps which are usable on a variety of materials, such as fabric, wood and metal. 
Now you can just stamp everything
Ahh it's so fun :) Look how awesome it is!
These stamps are made for stamping your little ones names onto their uniform, shoes, bags everything! 
It's just so easy and saves so much sewing time.

Seeing as I didn't need a stamp for my little ones, 
I got a stamp with my blog name on it! I love it.

I've been stamping on handwritten letters, cards, notebooks!
Going a bit crazy, but I love my stamp!

Stamptastic are also giving you lovely people the chance the win your own stamp set!

Silent Sunday

Greatest Achievement ❤

I didn't get amazing grades at school.
I don't have a huge bunch of friends.
I don't have my career together, and I don't have a high paid job.

But there's one thing in my life than I am so proud of.
I didn't know if I would be able to, even though I knew how much I wanted to.

My greatest achievement is having my beautiful little ones.
Some people say 'having children shouldn't be an achievement'.
But I'm proud of them every day. 
I'm proud of how much they achieve, 
I'm proud of who they are. 
I'm proud to call them my children.

Every day when my little boy sits up, crawls, babbles or says "Mumma", 
I am so proud of him, he makes my heart melt. ❤

Every day when my little girl speaks in sentences, counts to ten, 
gives me a cuddle & a kiss, 
I want to cry, I'm so proud. I love them so much. ❤

I am proud of myself for giving birth to them, 
and our family for teaching them how to crawl, walk, sit up, talk.
Be who they want to be.

I am so proud of my babies every single day,
and I'm so proud to be their mum.

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Sweet Pea Pantry - Review

I do love baking with my Little Girlie. Sometimes its hard to find the time though, preparing, measuring, weighing all the ingredients, especially while taking care of Little Guy at the same time! 
When we do bake, I do quite often resort to buying packet mixes, it just saves so much hassle. 
But it does get boring when biscuits, cakes etc all taste the same!
Luckily Sweetpea Pantry offer a much better alternative. Yummy flavours, natural, healthier & unprocessed mixes.
We were given the opportunity to try out the Half Term/Easter Set which included Chocolate Giggles, and Ginger Giggles.
We tried out the Chocolate Giggles mix first. It was very easy to make, just adding the wet ingredients. Little Girlie helped with the mixing, cutting shapes & decorating! :)
Even I have to admit they were delicious! They weren't as sweet as store bought, or if you buy a normal packet mix, but they were yummy! Other packet mixes are far too full of sugar, and these were perfect.
I think they turned out great!
You can see the whole Sweetpea Pantry range here
This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. 
received my own Packet Mixes to review. All opinions are my own.

Recent Crafts ✄

Today I wanted to share with you some of my recent crafts & diys!
I'm super proud of a few of them, so I wanted to show them off :P

They're just little crafts, so I didn't think they'd warrant a whole blog post.
There's also a mixture of crafts from things I've made with Little Girlie, 
to Homemade Gifts.

Polka Dot Clay Bowls (Gift I made for my Mum's Birthday)
Birthday Card for Mum
Birthday Card for my Aunty
Cress Heads (made with Little Girlie)
Easter Card (made with Little Girlie)

What do you think? :)

Spring Clean Your Handbags & Purse!

Your house is tidy, dusted, polished, junk removed bed is made. 
You've finished your 'Spring Cleaning'.
Well I'm going to be talking about spring cleaning other areas now, 
places you probably wouldn't think of.
Things that need to be decluttered, cleaned and organised.

Spring Clean Your Bag!
First of all, I wanted to start with your bags, handbags, changing bags, rucksack etc.
Whatever it is that you using on a daily basis, 
and every day is collecting more & more rubbish that you don't need. 
My bag is literally full of rubbish. Haha.

Step One: 
I find the easiest thing to do is to simply tip out the entire contents of your bag! 
(Told you, so much rubbish!)
Dummy, Handheld Reins, Sunglasses, Zipped Pouch, Hairbrush, Inhalers, Gloves, Tissues, Chewing Gum, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Rubbish!

Step Two: Chuck all the rubbish away. 
I swear the rubbish from my bag is 50% chocolate bar wrappers, 
and 50% post it notes to myself. Haha.

Step Three: Sort out what actually needs to be in your bag.
Aside from the rubbish, I don't need the gloves in my bag any more. It's not that cold. 
I probably don't need two inhalers, the dummy and reins can go in the changing bag. 
I also don't want to just keep my sunglasses in my bag like that, 
that's how they always get broken!

Step Four: Put the necessary items back in your bag in a tidy way.
Use the different pockets in your bag, or buy a bag organiser!
Keep different things in different places, and use zipped pouches to keep small items in.

Spring Clean Your Purse!
Loose change, random business cards, old lottery ticket, phone SD card and spare battery, 
gift cards, loyalty cards, bank cards etc, receipts, other cards. 

Purses are often another place I just store things.
I like to keep old receipts, small random items, and lots of loose change!

Step One: Empty out your purse, every single pocket.
I'm sure you'll find something you didn't know was there!

Step Two: Chuck away rubbish, especially super old receipts!
Do you need that receipt for your dinner 3 weeks ago?
You've already eaten it, so there's no chance you're going to return it!

Step Three: Take away loose change.
I have a small money box where I store all my loose change.
I hate change.
Maybe use a seperate coin purse or store your change in a money box too!

Step Four: Sort your cards
Do you need this card any more?
Has it expired?
Is it a gift card? If so, is there any money left on it?

Step Five: Store small items in a zipped pouch somewhere else in your bag. (see above)

Step Six: Put all good items back in your purse
Do it in an organised way, least used cards at the back, most used cards at the front!

Do you have a super disorganised, 
full of rubbish,
bag & purse?
Will you be using any of these tips?

You could also 'spring clean' other bags, such as changing bags, or even coat pockets! 
(Oh look, more chocolate wrappers!)


Silent Sunday

DIY Daffodil Suncatcher - Toddler Craft

As you may know, I love having a seasonal window display! :)
I was researching spring craft ideas to do with Little Girlie, as well as ideas to decorate the window.
When I came across this idea.
They're easy to make & a fun seasonal craft to do with your little one!

You Will Need:
* Yellow/Orange Tissue paper
* Yellow Craft Foam
* Paper Cake Cases
* Contact Paper
* Glue

1. First you will need to cut out the daffodil template onto the foam, 
using the cake cases as a 'guideline' for the centre.
2. Next you'll need to cut out the flowers, and also the centre of the flowers.
3. We then stuck the flowers to the sticky side of contact paper, 
and add some tissue paper inside.
4. I added another layer of contact paper on top to seal.
5. We glued the cake cases to the centre of the flowers, and stuck them to the window! :)
What do you think?