Why I Miss Being Pregnant

Yes it's true, I do actually miss being pregnant. 
Of course, I love my babies more than the world. I obviously don't wish they weren't born or anything! There's just a few things I do miss about those pregnancy days.

Oh how I miss the daily naps. Having a couple hours doze everyday was just what I needed. 

The Bump
I love baby bumps. The roundness, the closeness. I like the look of a big baby bump! 

The Anticipation
The waiting, the wondering, the hoping!
It's exciting!

Feeling Special
Being pregnant and round does make you feel appreciated.
People care, people are interested in you.
It may sound a bit selfish, but the occasional attention is lovely.

Baby Clothes Shopping
Shopping with a baby is not so much fun, but shopping for a baby is lovely.
There are so many adorable outfits, little socks, booties! Everything is SO CUTE!
No matter how many babies you have, whenever you are shopping for a newborn, its always a surprise at how teeny the clothes are!

Little Flutters
Feeling the little flutters inside, that only you can feel.
Feeling and seeing the little feet kicking, it's an indescribable feeling.

Cravings are fun! Haha. As long as you don't crave something really fatty or inedible!
I craved Chocolate Milk & Green Apples with Little Girlie, and Cereal with Little Boy!

Good Body Image
I loved my pregnancy body. I loved showing off my bump. 
I felt so good in all my clothes, I felt beautiful and feminine.

(I would never normally wear a bikini, let alone take a photo in one!)

Feeling Proud
The feeling of pride about taking care of my baby inside.
The pride that I would soon be a mum.

What I do not miss - 
The Heartburn. So. Much. Heartburn.

What do you miss/not miss about being pregnant?


Becky at PinksCharming said...

Ah I know how you feel, I loved my bump the first time, not so much the second time as I really suffered with my back (she ended up being over 9lb, so no wonder!) I miss the kicks most. But not the heartburn or never being able to get comfortable at night! I do feel a bit sad that I probably won't have it again though, as we have pretty much decided to say at two babies. Becky xx #TwinklyTuesday

Marissa Writes said...

I agree with the naps... and some of the cravings - I craved Lemon with my second - any thing with lemon in it... it was great!

However, I was not a fan of being pregnant on the whole... just always felt too tired and I was not a fan of the bump

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Tubbs said...

I loved the feeling that your body was amazing, I had feeling like a whale! Lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

I felt exactly the same as you when I was pregnant, I loved it and miss it too! I definitely cherished every moment of it (like you though, not the heartburn so much!) I can't wait to be pregnant again, hopefully at some point this year :) #twinklytuesday



Unknown said...

Well being 32 weeks pregnant I can tell you that the bad back, waddle walking and restless nights are not fun! But i do agree with all your positive points. I do love my bump and all the flutterings. The baby shopping and anticipation is so exciting and my skin looks fab. One last thing - my hair, I can literally go for days without washing it (and it looks fine!) *winning!

Thank you for linking up to #SundayStars xx

GlitteryLining said...

I completely get this! I too miss my bumps... for me I think the thing I missed most was that they were all mine, my secret (well not so secret as I was massive from day1 both times!) friend! I also strangely feel a lil like this when friends/family have their babies. I love the excitement of what they might be having, what name they'll chose, how happy they will be, what baba will look like, buying gifts etc. I obviously love the newborn squishy cuddles but pregnancy is wonderful!xx

The Queen of Collage said...

I'm enjoying the movement and that it seems to react to their sibling already.

Farmer's wife and mummy said...

I miss the bump. I wouldn't wear tight clothes when I am not pregnant but I did when I was. And the naps and the cravings. Oooo shall we have another? ;) #MaternityMondays