Easter Basket Ideas For A Two Year Old

I was a tad lazy this year, and decided to make a shared Easter Basket for my little ones. (9 months & 2 years). Well to be perfectly honest, I didn't see much point. They play with each others toys, and they'd only want what the other one has! But I still created this basket with my 2 year old in mind.

The basket I used is actually a spare one I had around the house, 
and the 'grass' in the basket, I saved from when I received a parcel a while back. Cheapskate.

Here's what I included in the basket;

1. Bing DVD
The Little Ones are really liking Bing at the moment, and it is quite cute to be honest, if a bit silly. But Little Girlie saw this and her eyes lit up, she didn't know I got it. And Hey, it's a bunny, so that's Easter themed right?
2. Funny Faces Easter Eggs (in the eggbox)
I think this one will be a nice little surprise when they open the eggbox.
3. Soft Bunny & Lamb Toys
There needs to be a soft toy in there somewhere, and these are only little, and look at their little faces!
4. Bunny Ears!
Of course!
5. Funny Bunny Colouring Book
Themed colouring books are always a hit, and little girlie loves colouring at the moment.
6. Thomas & The Easter Egg Hunt Book
The little ones do love books, and I felt their needed to be a more boyish item included. So this book is perfect.
7. I'm Not Sleepy Book
I don't think this book is at all Easter themed, apart from the fact that it's a chick! But a book's a book. So I'm sure it'll go down a treat.
8. A couple of mini Lindt bunnies
Just a little bit of chocolate :)

What would you include in an Easter basket?

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