30 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

I recently set myself a challenge of doing Random Acts Of Kindness for 30 Days.

(I say recently, I started it in February! I completed it throughout March though, 
just haven't written it down till now!)
I am happy to say I did succeed with the challenge, although it was tough at times, trying to ensure I did something every day. So anyway, here is my list of what I did during my 30 day challenge. I hope it inspires you and possibly gives you some ideas!

1. Donate Clothes To Charity
2. Donate Furniture To Charity
3. Donate To A Food Bank 
(they often have drop off in Supermarkets!)
4. Donate New Nappies
5. Give A Surprise Gift To A Family Member
6. Send 'Happy Mail'
7. Give 5 Genuine Compliments To Strangers
8. Write A Letter Of Admiration To Who Inspires You
9. Let Someone Queue Jump (I do this most days anyway!)
10. Leave Surprise Gifts On Pavement
11. Leave A Happy Note On A Mirror
12. Give Surprise Gift To Partner
13. Bake Cookies For Friend
14. Click For A Cause
15. Give Someone Vouchers/Coupons
16. Smile At Everyone, And Mean It
17. Call A Friend Who You Miss
18. Offer To Help Family/Neighbour With Chores
19. Leave Easter Eggs 
(I popped a little chick inside them)
20. Stick Happy Post Its Around
21. Hold A Door For A Stranger
22. Help 3 People Online (bloggers, forums etc)
23. Leave Flowers On A Doorstep For A Kind Neighbour
24.  Do A Shout Out On Social Media, About Some Lovely People!
25. Leave Little Homemade Hearts! ♥

26. Create A 'Take A Smile' Poster
28. Retweet & Share Other's Posts!
29. Shop At Small Businesses In Your Town
30. Leave Positive Leaflets! (I love this one!)

Do you like these?
Which ones would you/do you do? 

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