8 Girl Power Quotes To Inspire You ♀

Happy Freaking Monday!
It's a new week, time to get motivated & inspired.
I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Girl Power quotes today.

Get Inspired, Get Pumped, Get Moving!

This is so true. Never let any man or woman dull your sparkle.
Never change who you are for anyone, never stop sparkling.

No woman should need a man, I honestly believe.
That isn't saying you shouldn't have an amazing man in your life, (I do), 
but you shouldn't have to have a guy/or girl, in your life to survive.

Ahh such a perfect quote. Good old Wizard of Oz. 
Teaching girls everywhere, you can do this.

This is my favourite quote in this post.
Only because it rings so true to me. I've had so many people say to me in my life, 
'You can't do this', 'You'll never accomplish that'.

This quote is far too familar at this current time.
Everyone is so obsessed with weight, beauty, looking 'pretty' all the time.
I say F*** That.
Be Pretty Freaking Awesome.

Similar to a quote above.
You don't need anyone.
Be your own superhero.

Love this quote so much.
It's so sad but true, that women are far meaner to other women than any man.
We shouldn't be fighting against each other. We should be on the same side!
Be strong. Be there for each other.

 "What you want
Baby, I got it
What you need
Do you know I got it?" 

All images from Pinterest. 
You can find the sources by clicking on the images. 


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