DIY Lavender Scrub

It is a total coincidence that this week's DIY is also lavender scented. Haha.
So sorry if you hate the smell. But like I said before I find lavender such a relaxing and calming scent, so I'm using it again!

Its perfect for a relaxing bubble bath, as an all over body scrub.

You Will Need:
* 1/4 Cup Baby Oil
* 2 Cups Granulated Sugar
* 1/4 Cup Unscented or Lightly Scented Body Wash
* Lavender Essential Oil
* Optional - A teeny weeny bit of purple food colouring (or red & blue mixed together)

1. Mix together the baby oil, sugar & body wash until it's an even consistency.
2. Add a few drops at a time of the lavender essential oil.
A few drops go a long way, so you don't want to add a huge amount.
Mix it all up again.

3. Next, if you are adding food colouring, seriously, add a teeny amount.
If you are using blue & red mixed together, 
mix it together in a separate bowl before you add it to the scrub. 
Mix it all up again :)
4. Pop the scrub in a cute jar, and you're all enjoy!

5. Enjoy your deliciously smelling, exfoliating body scrub!

Do you like the smell of lavender?
Will you be having a go at this DIY?


Irena BookDustMagic said...

This looks nice and easy to make. How long can you have it until it expires?

Sarah said...

Quite a long time I'd say! As long as you keep it out of sunlight :)

The Wise Serpent said...

That looks really lovely--who knew scrubs were so easy to make? Visiting from Weekend blog share:)

Sarah said...

Quite a long time I'd say! As long as you keep it out of sunlight :)

Sarah said...

Thank you. They are SO easy, and there's so many combinations to try! :)

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