My Wedding Wishlist ♥

I wanted to share with you my wedding wishlist today. 
It's just the little things, the extra touches. 
A few things that I am 100% certain this is what I want. 
Let me know what you think!

This jewelled headband is so beautiful. 
I'm such a big fan of headbands, instead of veils. 
I think they look so pretty. 
To me, it feels more princessey. 
Like a tiara, but without the cheesiness. Haha

I absolutely love the look of these flowers
I'm not one for fancy, expensive flowers.
I think this looks just perfect, a mini bouquet of inexpensive wildflowers, 
or just picked from the garden, in a simple jar. Perfect centrepiece. ♥ 

This make up is gorgeous. I love a strong eye, a lot of eye liner, and super thick lashes.
I do think this make up look is beautiful, but I'm not sure I could pull off the lip colour too!

Ahh a bouncy castle, wedding themed of course!
Some people may think this is totally cringey or silly, but I think it's the best idea ever!
Why wouldn't you want to have some childish fun on your wedding day!

I've got quite a short dark bob haircut, 
so I thought it might be quite difficult to find inspiration for a hairstyle for my big day! 
But then I came across this style, and I absolutely love it. 
It's quite simple, but beautiful. I think it'd be perfect.

Finally, matching wedding Vans! I'm so in love with this idea.
I'd like them to say 'Mr' & 'Mrs' or 'Bride' & 'Groom' though, but this is such a lovely idea.
I'm planning on staying in my wedding dress aaaall day, 
but I definitely wont be able to survive in heels all that time, 
so these Vans would be perfect for dancing in!

What do you think of my Wedding Wishlist?

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