15 Most Shocking Movie Twists

I absolutely love movies with a twist ending, 
especially if it's a twist that you haven't guessed!

Is it just me, or does it make you just a little bit happy, when films have unhappy endings? 
90% of films end like '..And they lived happy ever after' 
so it makes me smile when that DOESN'T happen!

I have compiled a list of my favourite movies with twist endings!
I'm not giving the twists away so you can experience them for yourself!
I highly recommend you watch them! 

15. The Skeleton Key

Kate Hudson plays a nurse who moves into an old couples house, to take care of the sick husband. 
She finds herself getting caught up in the mystery of the house's dark past.

14. The Usual Suspects

Five criminals meet at a supposedly random police line up. 
The lone survivor of a shoot up tells the confusing and twisty tale.

13. Fight Club

Brad Pitt & Edward Norton.
If you haven't watched this before, WHY NOT?
It's about a simple office worker, who is looking for a way to make his life more exciting. 
He meets Brad Pitt, who form an underground 'fight club', but that's only the beginning.

12. Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a US Marshall investigates a prisoners disappearance, 
from a hospital for the criminally insane. 

11. Secret Window

Johnny Depp plays a writer who is accused of plagiarism.
The guy who is accusing him, gets pretty...determined for justice.

10. Planet Of The Apes
Surely you must know this one?
An astronaut crew crash lands on an unknown planet in the distant future.
A planet where Apes rule, and humans are treated as slaves.

9. The Number 23
This is a completely different role for Jim Carrey, but I do love this movie.
He plays a guy who discovers a novel and becomes obsessed with it. 
He starts to believe the novel is written about him.

8. American Psycho

Probably the 2nd most gory film on this list.
Christian Bale plays a wealthy investment banker, 
who hides an alternate violent psychopathic ego.

7. The Saw Franchise

These are the most gory films.
I am actually a big fan of these movies, they may be gross but they are really clever.
Throughout the franchise, various strangers wake up in a room with no idea how they got there. 
They soon discover they are pawns in a deadly game.

6. The Boy
An American nanny moves to England to take care of a families little boy, who is actually a doll. 
After a few uncomfortable incidents, she starts to believe the doll is alive.

5. Identity

Stranded at a motel during a storm, ten strangers get acquainted with each other, 
until they start getting killed off.

4. The Uninvited

Emily Browning plays a girl who returns home after being in a mental hospital.
Her cruel stepmother (Elizabeth Banks!) starts to jeopardise her recovery, 
and freaky stuff starts to happen as she has visions of her deceased mother.

3. Psycho

A woman steals a ton of money from a client, and goes on the run.
She ends up staying in a remote motel run by a peculiar mother & son. 

2. Orphan

A family who recently lost their baby, decide to adopt a nine year old girl.
The girl is not as nice as she first seems. 

1. The Mist

A strange storm covers a town with a mist, which inside the mist hides a lot of blood thirsty monsters. 
The town hide and try to fight to stay alive.

What films do you like that have really shocking twists at the end?
Are there some film endings you'll just never forget?
(Please don't give any away!) :)

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