10 Ways To Ease Colic

Colic is a funny thing. Some say it's excessive crying in a healthy baby, others say it's trapped wind or acid reflux. I don't know exactly what it is myself, but all I know is all three of my little ones have suffered with it, so I've tried a few different ways to try and help them. 

All three of my little ones had trapped wind, acid reflux, and all have refused to sleep on their backs. I know that it's painful for them, and I also know, sadly, there is no cure.

So if you have a little baby who does any of the following;
* Won't stop crying
* Throws up often
* Won't lie on back
* Doesn't sleep well 
* Wants to be held all the time

It's probably Colic.

Don't worry though, it doesn't last forever. It'll just probably be a tough couple of months.

After taking care of my little ones while they were suffering from Colic, I found a few ways that helped to ease the pain and uncomfortable feeling, calm them down and make them a bit happier.

I really hope this helps you. I'm just sharing what I think, and what has helped me. Please consult your doctor if you think your baby is ill.

10 Ways To Ease Colic

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