Honey & Oat Facial Scrub DIY

If you have dry or sensitive skin like mine, oats are a godsend.
Seriously they are amazing.
I often make face masks out of them, or use the liquid in a bath.
Honestly, there are so many uses for them, and they are fantastic for your skin.
If you can't find anything that will soothe your eczema, try oats..honestly!
I wanted to share with you a little something different today;

You Will Need:
* 1 Cup Honey
*1 Cup Oil 
(I used Sweet Almond oil, but you can use coconut or even olive!)
* 2 Cups Oats
1. Mix the oats and honey together as well as you can.
2. Add the oil and mix together.
3. On a dry face, rub the scrub all over your face.
4. Don't scrub too hard to irritate your skin, but do rub it into any rough & dry patches.
5. Continue rubbing for about a minute or two, and wash of well.
6. Pat your face dry, and apply lots of moisturiser.
You will have the smoothest and softest face ever!

Hope you like it, let me know if you try it.

Have you ever used oats on your skin before?

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