If You Looked...

If you looked into my home...
You'd see a whole bunch of toys. Scattered across the room, in my bed, in the bath. Everywhere.
I try to take a few to charity when we get more, but it just builds up.
It may not be a spotless show home, but it's our family home.

If you looked into my little one's room...
You'd see them playing together. They like to play a game I call monster attack.
My little girl plays with her fairies, and my little guy zooms over and attacks them.
The fairies try to escape, or hide. Haha. It's so cute.

If you looked into my bedroom...
You'd see wedding bits & bobs everywhere.
Spare invites, decorations, a million and one lists.

If you looked on the living room floor...
You'd see a speeding baby, crawling all over the place.
Jumping off the sofas, and trying to escape upstairs.

If you looked in my bed..
You'd probably see my two little ones squished either side of me.
Pretty much every night they cosy up next to me.
Do I mind? Not one bit.

If you looked in my mind..
You'd see there's no room for any more drama.
My head is full.

If you looked on my desk..
You'd see I'm becoming a bit of a stationery hoarder.
I love it. Washi tape, notebooks, stickers, more notebooks.

If you looked in my heart..
You'd see my perfect little ones.
You see my husband to be.
You'd see my family & friends.
I am happy.
Stressed, but perfectly happy.

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