Clay Heart Mobile DIY

I always have so many ideas of things I want to make.
Sometimes I start things, and forget about them.
Sometimes I stop doing anything else, because I think of something perfect I want to make!
I decided I wanted to make something new out of clay, and came up with this;

To create this adorable mobile
You Will Need:
* Air Dry Clay
* Heart Cutter
* Acrylic Paint
* Twine
* A Stick or Dowel

1. Cut out your hearts using the heart cutter & clay.
2. Poke small holes in the tops of the hearts & leave to dry.
3. Paint either side with white paint. Leave to dry.
4. Paint your hearts in whatever adorable colours you'd like.
5. Decorate the dowel too. Use paint, washi tape. Whatever you'd like!
6. Tie string through the hearts, over the dowel.
7. Tie another bit of string to be able to hang it up.
8. Any finishes touches, hang up, and you're done! 

What do you think?
Will you be trying this for yourself?

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