DIY Autumn Candles

I feel there may be a theme here recently..(Hint: I love Autumn)
I love making candles! It's so much fun, and really not that difficult!
The first candles I ever made were little cupcake candles, I loved them.

I wanted to once again experiment, and create some more for my autumn theme, 
with Autumny scents!
For these delicious smelling candles
You Will Need:
* Glass Jars
* Candle Wicks
* Leftover white candles/wax
* Crayons in your choice of colours. 1 per candle
* Sauce pan
* Tin Can
* Autumn Scents
(I used Pumpkin, Apple Pie & Autumn Leaves scents)

1. First of all you will need to place your wicks into your candles, hold them still by hot glueing them to the inside of the jar, or clip the wick with a peg balancing on the top of the jar.
2. Break up your plain wax, about a tin can full per candle, and put it into the tin can.
3. Place the tin can in a saucepan of hot water.
4. Simmer the hot water until the wax has completely melted, and break up one crayon in your colour of choice. Add the crayon to the melted wax.
5. Wait for the crayon to melt completely.

6. When everything is nice & melted, add a few drops of your scents.
7. Pour the melted wax carefully into your glass jar, and allow to cool overnight.
8. Feel free to decorate your glass jars as I did!

9. Enjoy your beautiful Autumny smelling candles!
What do you think?
Are you as crazy obsessed with Autumn as me?

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