Our Wedding Day - Part One ♥

Everyone always told me, you can plan and plan your wedding for years, spend tons of money, but in the end, it'll be over so quickly. It's important to sit down and take it all in because the day will fly by. 
It was my special day 3 weeks ago, and it truely was the best day. 

I had such an amazing time, and I hope everyone who came did too! I wanted to share some snippets of my big day with you all, so here goes, here's part one! Hope you enjoy reading!

Waking it, It sort of felt like a normal day. The Husband stayed at his mum's overnight, so it was just me & the little ones here. Just doing normal every day things like making breakfast, cleaning up, making beds. Until about lunchtime when my mum & siblings, and my friend came over, and then it felt like such a rush! While my family got the little ones ready (I may or may not have deliberately given them the task of putting Little Guy's suit on! He had tried it on before, and putting a suit on a one year old is not easy!)
My friend kindly did my hair & make up, I felt amazing. It's so nice to have someone else doing your hair & make up, I love it!
While we were all getting ready, there was a thunderstorm! It didn't really worry me too much, but I didn't particularly want it to be pouring down all day. Luckily it stopped shortly after.
After we were all ready, everyone left and for just 5 minutes, I sat down. Breathed, prepared for the day.
I wasn't nervous, I wasn't worried, I knew this is what I wanted and I didn't doubt it for a second.
My dad picked me up, and we headed to the church.

We got married in this cute little church, in a cute little village. It was a very small church, but it was perfect. 
Our walking down the aisle song was "You're My Best Friend - by Queen."
I'm so glad we picked that song. It made me so happy, and I couldn't stop smiling when I walked into the church. 
For months before, one thing I was worrying about, was actually walking down the aisle & saying my vows in front of everyone. 
What if I walked to fast? 
What if I tripped? 
What if I messed up my lines, or couldn't get the words out?
What if I went bright red with embarrassment?
Truth is, when your up there, you don't worry about that stuff, honestly.
You don't worry about what you're doing, who's looking at you.
All you can see is your husband to be. 
He is your only focus right now, and you just want to be right there with him. There is no need to be nervous.

I didn't go red, I didn't trip or walk too fast, and I didn't mess up my lines.
It was perfect, I wasn't worried, I was just SO happy.
Our walking out song was "You Make My Dreams Come True - by Hall & Oakes" and I loved it so much. 

True, we didn't have any super lovey dovey romantic songs, but these songs are romantic, just in a more upbeat, happy way I think! :) 

As we didn't have an official photographer, we just asked everyone to take a few snaps of the day, and upload them to a secret website, so we could see them all before they were uploaded to social media.
I didn't mind one bit we didn't have a proper photographer, there were so many photographs taken, although I do wish we got a few others, but it doesn't matter.
(Also, my Nan made my bouquet from flowers in her garden. I loved it)

After the wedding, we walked back to the reception, everyone grabbed a drink and we all took some photos. Me & The Husband sat down and tried to take it all in. 
We are husband & wife!! It seemed so surreal. Amazing, but surreal. 

Then we headed round the corner for the reception. 
The Sister in Law & The Husband had decorated the entire venue, and it looked beautiful.
They previously asked me what I wanted, and I said a vague sort of..'Shabby Chic, Floral, Hearts' sort of theme, and they did just that. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

The Husband's mum provided all the food, which was amazing. We were having an 'Afternoon Tea'. Finger sandwiches, little bites to eat and so many amazing cakes! A chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows for dipping, and a sweet stall! It was perfect. 

It was so lovely to spend time with everyone. I hadn't actually met many members of The Husband's family until then, so it was really nice. I loved having (nearly) all my family in one place too. We all get on so well!

After some food, my dad gave a speech. He was so good at public speaking, and the speech he had written was perfect. Heartfelt, honest, it brought a tear to my eye. Luckily he threw in a couple of dad jokes to even it out! :)

Then The Husband did his speech, he was nervous, but it was short & sweet. Very romantic 
and finally The Father in Law did his speech. It was perfect. 

(This is quite a long post for Part One, so I'm going to leave it there. Until next time)

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