Morning in the Life of Two Little Monsters

A lot happens in the few hours before lunchtime, so I wanted to share just a snippet of an average day in our house. Do you live with monsters too?

6:30 AM
Girlie: I sneak into mummy's bed as quietly as I can, so she doesn't hear me.
Sometimes I go back to sleep, but rarely. I like to look around the room to see what mummy has left out for me to play with. Is that blue paint?!
(For the record, I didn't leave it out. It was in a box, in a suitcase. It may be non toxic, but it sure won't come off my table!)

7 AM
Little Guy then wakes up too, and they both jump on me until I wake up properly!

We then go downstairs, and start breakfast.

Girlie: Can I have cereal? 
Girlie: Mummy I wanted GRAPES!
You can have grapes too. And a biscuit.
Girlie: I don't want grapes.

She then scoffs her cereal as quickly as she can.

Little Guy:
I like to eat each individual piece of cereal at a time. Or at least a few. 
Then I fling my bowl across the room. Finished!

While I just sit down to drink my cup of tea, the little monsters start the morning routine of;
"Help Meeeeee!!!!"
While shaking the table and squeeling!

(They're only in their highchairs for about 5 minutes!)

I pop the tv on, just so I can wake up properly and drink my tea!
They both run towards the tv. 
Little Girlie: "Me pick! Me pick"
Little Guy: "EEEEEEEEEE!"

It's probably going to be Charlie & Lola. It's always Charlie & Lola!

Time to get dressed, cue the running away laughing!

Little Girlie: "Not me first! Not me!"
In an bossy voice!
"I do my top! I'm a big girl!"
I do my tallies. Big girl!! BIG GIRL! (tallies are trousers)

Little Boy:
Mummy puts my trousers on. I take them off again.
She puts them on again. I try to take them off, but she's too quick!
No! Noooo! Anything but the top!
(He hates putting tops on!)

I rush upstairs to do a quick tidy, and get ready.
There is no noise downstairs. Why is there no noise?!
Little Girlie: "We made a BIG MESS mummy!"
Little Boy: "Aahhhh Eeeeeeeeee!"

I look downstairs & they have literally taken all the cushions off the sofa, emptied all the toy boxes, taken their nappies off and flung them across the room! I was only gone for 30 seconds!!

9:55 AM
Just about to take the little ones out.
Strap them in the pushchair. Oh no. Oh no no.

Little Girlie: "Not me!"

Therefore I change her brother. Yup. The stench was coming from him. I change him.
Wait. Why does it still smell?! 

Finally leave the house to do a bit of food shopping. 
Little Girlie: I'm going to sit here quietly. Then maybe I'll get a snack.

I just about get into the shop when they whine and want a snack.
I give them one. They are quiet.
Trying to do the shopping as quickly as I can, before they are finished! Get to the checkout, and they're done.

Little Girlie: I'm going to leave it right until the last second before I undo the straps & get out of the pushchair.
Sorry brother, you're on your own!

Little Guy then starts whinging, while Little Girlie has ran off and hid.
I can still see her obviously. While keeping my eye on her, packing the shopping, trying to calm the Little Guy down, I rush through the checkout, strap little girlie back in and we head home.

(Both of them obviously plotting something, whispering to each other on the way home)

11:30 AM
We get back home, I take the shopping bags in, and the little ones. I then pop outside the front door to fold up the pushchair and bring it in. I'm not sure which is really the best combination for managing this task.
But leaving the shop with these two, is not a great plan. 

No, They're my biscuits.
No, I didn't buy any tomatoes. You don't even like tomatoes!

Little Girlie then somehow telepathically telling her brother of the plan.
They grab the biscuits & run off giggling, dropping them.
They both then decide they want to play with the fairy house, and sit down quietly together.

I pack the shopping away. Sit down..and then...

RAAAAWR!! They both creep towards me doing monster impressions.
Little's girlie's impression involves rawring and screaming. Then imagine a T Rex holding a handbag. That's what she looks like.

Little guy's just started his monster impression. He looks at the floor, runs along and sort of squels!


These two are such cheeky little monsters. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I love them to pieces. 

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