Homemade Christmas Lanterns

I absolutely love doing Christmas related crafts, whether it's gifts, decorations, cards or decor! I wanted to share with you these easy, yet really effective Christmas lanterns!

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You Will Need:
* A Jar
* Epsom Salt
* Tea Lights
* Pinecones
* Twine
* Leaves

* Edible Glitter
* White Paint Pen

1. I started out by wrapping twine around the rim of the jar, tieing in the pinecones & a few leaves too. I tied it all into a little bow.

2. Pour a bit of Epsom salt into the bottom of the jar, however much you want, to make it look like snow.

3. Pop a tea light into the centre of the salt. Add leaves around the tealight, just a few. (I used tweezers to arrange the leaves).

4. Next, I added a bit of glitter to the Epsom salt to give it that magical sparkle!

5. Finally, I decorate the jar with a few small white polka dots, using the paint pen, as a finishing touch!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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