The Little One Tag

I was recently tagged by The Secret Life Of Baby to take part in The Little One Tag! A tag based on asking your children questions, or answering them on their behalf. I asked my 2 year old girlie the questions, and wrote down her exact answers! I will also be answering the questions on behalf on my 16 month little guy! :)
What is the best thing about being you?
Little Girlie: "Nothing."
Me: "Oh." :(
Little Girlie: "Umm..I do jobs"
Little Guy: Food, Milk, Play, Milk, Food, Milk, Play!

What are you favourite toys?

Little Girlie: "Elsa! And my babies!"
Little Guy: Jars! Crisp packets! Cat food! But also, cars & farm animals!

What are you favourite things to do?

Little Girlie: "Play with my brother!"
Little Guy: Play with my sister!

What is your favourite outfit?

Little Girlie: "Peppa Pig and Elsa!"
(Her peppa pig onesie, and Elsa dress)
Little Guy: Nothing!

What are you favourite TV programmes?

Little Girlie: "(Peter)Rabbit, Frozen & Cloud Babies!"
Little Guy: Timmy Time, and any shows about animals

What are your favourite books?

Little Girlie: "Stickers and Princesses!
Little Guy: My first word books & Peppa Pig books.

What is your favourite food?

Little Girlie: "Carrots. And cheese.
Can I have a little bit of cheese please?"
Little Guy: Bread. Grapes. Cereal. Cat Biscuits.

What is your favourite song?

Little Girlie: "Twinkle Twinkle! (And then starts singing Let It Go)
Little Guy: Anything at all. I love music and dance to everything!

What makes you laugh?

Little Girlie: "My brother! And Mummy."
Little Guy: When my big sister is naughty!

Who do you love and why?
Little Girlie: *lists entire family*
Little Guy: Everyone!

I really loved this tag, and it was so funny asking my little girlie these questions!
Do you have a little one who’d like to take part in the #littleonetag? Click Here!

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