DIY Snow Dough!! {Tutorial}

Ohh this is my favourite thing we have made together, in forever! I love it so much and the little ones really enjoyed it too! It was such a huge success! I highly recommend you try to make Snow Dough with your little ones! It's the perfect christmas messy play activity. (Or if you don't have little ones, make it for yourself! ;) ) DIY SNOW DOUGH! 

You Will Need:
* 1 cup vegetable oil
* 4 cups corn flour
* Edible glitter or other decorations!

We wanted to make this an edible dough, as although it won't be tasty, my little guy still puts everything in his mouth!

Combine the oil, flour & glitter together in a bowl until you get a smooth, white, yet crumbly dough!

You can then go on to add a few finishing touches to the snow, we added cake decoration snowflakes, and a couple of cake decoration snowmen! You should have seen my little ones faces when they saw the snow! They were so excited!

I have to warn you though, unless you have very clean & tidy children, this dough makes a big mess! I suggest doing it somewhere you can easily hoover, as opposed to on a carpet!

Will you be making Snow Dough this year? Or have you made it before??

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