Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

 I LOVE Christmas! Everything about it is just so..magical. Families coming together, bundling up warm, getting cozy by the fire, food..lots of food, and presents. Every one truly takes the time at Christmas to be extra kind and loving to anyone around them.

I love when families have their own Christmas traditions. My family always have a fairly large celebration on Christmas Eve. With party games, music, presents and lots of food. It's always such a special day because it's the one day of the yesterday where all of my family actually get together.

We've got a lot on our To-Do list this month, as always! But it's always fun to have particular traditions that you do each year. They are always a lovely, memorable way to enjoy the festive season. So here are a few ideas that might help you in starting your own Christmas traditions! 

* Create a Christmas Playlist/CD. I always love this one. Perfect background music for decorating or having a Christmas disco in your living room!

* Movie night, with lots to eat! I do this pretty much every night of December, but it sure is a fun one! Popcorn & PJS are a necessity!

* Bake some Christmas cookies! It doesn't have to be anything complicated! 

* Take your children to the dollar store/pound shop so they can pick out 
gifts for their friends/siblings!

* Take part in Book Advent, and give your child a gift of a new book every day of Advent

* Go on a evening walk to look at all the Christmas lights where you live

* If you have children, take them to visit a Grotto!

* Read 'The Night Before Christmas' on Christmas Eve

* Make some Christmas crafts/gifts and homemade decorations!

* Buy a new board game for Christmas Day and play it!

* Invite family/friends over for Mulled wine & Mince pies! Yum! (Bonus points if you watch Muppet Christmas Carol together! Haha!)

* Create a Christmas Eve box for your little ones, including some Christmas books, hot chocolate & new pjs!

* Give back to Charity - I've got loads of ideas here, and they don't have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive!

* Let your little ones make a new homemade decoration for your tree! 

Do you and your family have any special Christmas traditions?

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