❤ DIY Valentines Love Bugs ❤ {Kids Craft}

I wanted to do a cute, but simple Valentines day themed craft with my little ones, and I came up with these cute little critters - love bugs! They turned out pretty sweet, yet funny! They look like fuzzy little monsters with wings! They're bugs, trust me! Haha. 

Inspired by a mixture of this post & this post, Love Bugs were born!

You Will Need:
* Pipe Cleaners
* Wool
* Googly Eyes
* Heart Sequins
* PVA Glue
* Coloured Card

1. Take a pipe cleaner, and fold in in half. After bending it, measure about a third of the way down from the bend and tightly twist the two bits together.

2. Put the pipe cleaner down & grab your wool. Wrap wool around three of your fingers until you get a nice thick bundle. You want it to be pretty thick.

3. While keeping the wool wrapped around your fingers, grab the pipe cleaner and push one of the 'legs' under the wool, on top of your fingers.

4. Twist the legs together to tightly secure the wool.

5. Take the wool off of your fingers now, and carefully snip the ends of the wool. (The opposite side to the pipe cleaner, obviously).

6. Rearrange the pompom to cover the looped bit of the pipe cleaner, and pull the two 'legs' up to make antennae's. 

7. You could leave the antennae's like this, or you could curl them around like we did, to be able to stick the heart sequins on.

8. Add the heart sequins on the antennae's & googly eyes using PVA glue.

9. Cut out wings out of coloured card, and glue your pom pom bug to the wings!

What do you think? 
Will you be making some 'Love Bugs' with your little ones?

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