Taking Little Ones Swimming

It was my little girlie's birthday last week, and as a special treat we decided to go swimming. (It may not sound like such a treat to you, but she was SO excited when I asked her if she wanted to go!)
There's not always a lot to do near where we live, and as it would just be the two little ones and I, so we couldn't do anything I'd struggle doing alone. I was a bit worried about taking them both when it was just me, but they were so well behaved.
 We rarely go swimming, and when we do, it's more often than not with my brother & sister who will help me out & entertain the little ones. We arrived and they were giggling away with excitement. Got ready very well, and my little girlie was being so good and helped her little brother get dressed. It was such a lovely thing to see. I wasn't worried about the changing part though, more about the actual swimming. Obviously neither of them can really swim, but they did have armbands on. When we got in the pool, we discovered the shallow end wasn't shallow enough, and neither of them could stand up in it! I ended up carrying both of either of my hips the whole time. We bobbed around in the pool, played with the toys, splashing each other. Even though we couldn't do any actual swimming, it was so lovely, and they were constantly in fits of giggles. 

They were so good getting out of the pool (perhaps it was the promise of chocolate if they got dressed properly)! Haha. So yes, after getting dressed I grabbed a cup of tea, and bought them a packet of magic stars each. They were so happy, it was such a fun, different thing to do, and it hardly cost anything. We definitely have to go swimming more.

Do you go swimming often?

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