Easy & Quick Valentines Crafts For Children {Kids Craft}

If you, or your children are anything like me & my children, you get distracted easily. When making things, I tend to come up ideas that are fairly easy, not too fiddly and don't take too long! Myself & my little ones do get distracted easily, and tend to want to move onto something else, so we've become experts at quick crafts! We've been doing lots of Valentines themed Crafts this year, so I wanted to share a few ideas! Perfect for adults or children alike!

First off are these cute little Love Bugs I featured in a previous post! 
You can find the tutorial here!

Next up are these fun, pretty, yet crazily simple heart window stickers.

You Will Need:
* Red Sharpie
* Red Glitter Glue
* Clear Contact Paper

1. Draw lots of hearts onto the clear side of the contact paper, using the red sharpie.
2. Once they have dried, decorate the hearts with the glitter glue & leave to dry!
3. Cut them out, and stick them to your windows!

Finally, these cute wool wrapped hearts!

You Will Need:
* Valentines Coloured Wool (Can you believe I couldn't find RED!)
* Heart Cookie Cutter
* Thick Cardboard

1. Using the cookie cutter as a template, cut out heart shapes in the cardboard.
2. Cut the hearts out, and basically, wrap wool around them until they are nice & chunky! Haha.

See, I told you they were quick & easy! I think they're pretty effective though!

Will you be decorating your home for Valentines Day?

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