10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself

We all need to learn to be kinder to ourselves everyday. It is one of the best things you can do for yours and others well being. It also leads to self acceptance and greater satisfaction in every aspect of your life. You deserve it. 10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself

10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself

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Being kind to yourself is something that is often forgotten about, or neglected, you may even feel like you don't deserve it. But you do. Of course you do. In our lives, being kind to ourselves seems selfish, or makes you feel guilty. It shouldn't. 

Start a new habit today, beginning with trying one thing and just go for it.
If you like it, do it again tomorrow and try something else too!

Destroy negative thoughts
Remove your automatic negative thoughts such as "I can't do it", and come up with a logical answer. Negative thoughts feed on negative thoughts. Stop it. Stop it now. 

It's never too late
The future is still in your hands. Stop over-thinking how things could have gone, and take a few steps to creating the life you want. Plan and decide what you want to achieve in your life, what steps will it take you to get there? Take one step today.

Focus on your good side
Focus on the parts of yourself that you like, rather than what you don't like. Every time you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking, "I don't like that, I don't like that", STOP. Instead think about the parts that you love!

Take 15 minutes a day to watch/read/listen to something that will guarantee to make you laugh. Spend time with people who make you happy. Do things you know make you laugh. It will release tension, boost your energy and happiness. 

Get some exercise
The more active you are, the more satisfied you feel with your life. What you do with your body can have a huge effect on your mental well being. Take care of yourself.

Take a bubble bath, go for a long walk, talk to someone about what's upsetting you and just release some tension!

Take a step forward
Plan something for this week and give yourself something to look forward to.
Book a trip, meet a friend, try something new maybe?

Remind yourself of how amazing you are
When you get in to bed, remember what made you happy that day. What are you glad you did? What did you achieve? Don't say there isn't anything because there will always be something. You are amazing.

Don't force change
Stop trying to force yourself to change or be how you think you should be. Make room for change to happen on its own.

Be a friend to yourself
(This is my favourite one) If you're upset, or nagging yourself about something, be a friend to yourself. Imagine you are advising a friend who is in the situation. What would you say to them? How would you console them? What would you suggest they do?

(If you feel you aren't being kind enough to yourself, perhaps you might like to think about speaking to a health professional, or even family counseling - visit Regain.us for more information, if you feel it would benefit you and your loved ones).
10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself


Tantrums To Smiles (Jess) said...

Aww this is a lovely post and some great tips to remember!! xx

MaBelleVie said...

Ah thats actually a lovely post!! Its so important to be more positive and look after your mindset. Fab post hun! #WeekendBlogHop
Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

f said...

such a lovely post! i really need to get rid of my negativity

from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

ps. there's a cute Dahlia trench coat giveaway on my blog at the moment, click here!

Sarah said...

Thank you very much :) xx

Kim @ Kimberley's Quests said...

That last photo really sums it all up doesn't it! Great reminders, I was pretty hard on myself this past week so it was well timed for me!

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