A Letter To Nursery Workers

Do you ever honestly realise how much nursery workers do every day? How hard they work, how many children they take care of each day, and how much they honestly teach your little ones? 
Dear Nursery Workers,
I am eternally grateful to you. I feel like you don't know how much you are appreciated. A hell of a lot is expected of you on a daily basis, and you all work so hard to achieve every thing you are asked to do. Taking care of two children can be hard, let alone taking care of at least 20 children every day, including babies. That takes a lot of stamina and hard work. Feeding them, changing them, teaching them new things every day. Working together with us parents to ensure we teach them in the same manner. My little girlie has never once come home in a bad mood from nursery. She's always so happy, excited to tell me about all the fantastic things she's been doing that day. She's never bored and never not occupied with an activity or playing with her friends.

It's not just the usual feeding, playing, teaching that nursery workers do either. They have to create & plan these activities, spend their time at home, their days off planning and preparing for their work days. Switched on at all times, observing the children. Writing down each and every detail of how each and every child is getting on, and then later discussing this with the parents. 

We recently had a parents evening for my little girlie, where we met with her keyworker, to discuss how she's getting on. Looking through her observations, talking about her skills and things that needed to be worked on. Creating an action plan for the next term. This keyworker in particular had atleast 5 other appointments that day to meet with 5 other parents to do the exact same thing. Not to mention the fact that she was also working in the nursery in between appointments. They are so busy, and barely have time to sit down.

I often hear them saying towards the end of the day "Oh I forgot to have lunch!" or "Oh I forgot about my cuppa I made 5 hours ago!". Because they are just constantly on the go, constantly busy, constantly planning and caring for our little ones.

Too much is expected of them, and they work so hard as it is. I am truely grateful to all the staff at my little girlie's nursery because each and everyone of them takes fantastic care of her. Making her feel welcome from day one. Teaching her life skills, education, behaviour. Working alongside parents every step of the way. 

So to all nursery workers, I thank you. We are eternally grateful. You are amazing, selfless human beings. You deserve a lot more credit for what you do, than you get. 
Thank you. Thank you.

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