DIY Homemade Cat Treats! #LoveYourPetDay

Do you know what, one thing I'm pretty sure I've never talked about on here is my cats! I don't really know why to be perfectly honest, but what better day than Love Your Pet Day to talk about them! 

Cats make amazing pets, particularly if you have young children. My eldest girlie is pretty much the same age as our eldest cat, they grew up together. The same goes for my little boy and our second eldest cat. If you are looking for suitable pets for young children - I say, cats all the way! 

We've also been making a batch of homemade cat treats, and i'll be sharing the how to, below! 

We have four cats. 
Daddy Cat - Rory. Ginger softie, but he is such an old man cat. Likes to keep himself to himself. Haha. 

Mummy Cat - Jess. Original name for a cat ey? Well my little girlie was obsessed with Postman Pat at the time! She's a bit of a scaredy cat though, doesn't really like much attention. 

Our first kitten is Gizmo. He just looks like a little Gremlin! He's such a cutie. Definitely the friendliest and most playful! 

Last but not least, little Kitten. Yes. Her name is Kitten or 'Kitty'. We just find it hard to come up with names! She's very sweet, but also quite a scaredy cat like her mama!

So for Love Your Pet Day, we cooked up some homemade cat biscuits to give them a little treat, something different to snack on! They did go down well!
You Will Need:
* An egg
* A tin of tuna in oil
* 160g flour
* 120ml water
* pinch of catnip or parsley

1. Preheat your oven to 150c. Mash together or use a food processor all the ingredients until it forms a sticky dough.
2. Dust your clean surface with a bit of flour and pop your dough out. 
3. Knead it a little, and roll it out flat to a thickness of about 1/2 an inch thick.
4. Then proceed to roll up the dough into a thick 'worm' shape and slice it up into individual pieces.
5. Pop them on an oven tray lined with baking paper and cook for approximately 16-20 minutes.
6. Let them cool & pop them in a treat jar, or give them to your cat straight away!

Have you got any pets?

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