Staying In On Valentines Day ❤

We are very much a staying in, snuggled on the sofa sort of couple. This years Valentines Day will be no exception. I know it's fun to get all dressed up and actually leave the house with your date, but honestly there are many reasons why people choose to stay at home on this romantic occasion. ❤
In a recent survey it was discovered that in fact 63% of people agree with me. Whether it's down to the busy schedules we have, prices being so expensive on this occasion, and it's always so busy, a lot of people agree that staying home is best! 

You can still dress up, you can still wine & dine (even if it's in your own dining room), you can still eat far too much Valentines themed chocolates, and decorate your home to set the cosy, romantic mood. There's no need to go out & spend tons of money when you can really appreciate the company of one another (and that's what the day's all about!).

Buy a lovely bouquet of flowers for your significant other & even some valentines themed treats.
If you are planning on cooking a romantic meal together, you can find plenty of delicious recipes online. Pair it with the perfect wine and you're good to go. 

Decorate your home for a chilled, romantic night in.Think fairy lights, candles, throws and pillows.

You don't want your home to be too bright, to help set the mood. Festive Lights have some beautiful lighting options to choose from. Whether you are looking for tea lights, candles, fairy lights or even light boxes! I am seriously going to buy everything. It's all so pretty.
You'll need some cute cushions & warm throws for when you get all snuggled on the sofa! 
I love thick wool blankets this time of year! Perfect for cosy cuddles!
Apart from a ridiculously cheesy, yet romantic film on the tv, what more could you need?

Are you staying in or going out this Valentines Day?

*This is a collaborative post

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