Visiting The Smallest City In England!

We recently went on a little trip to a local city called Wells. I call it a city, because it is a city but it's so small you would hardly think that. Wells is in fact the smallest city in England. It can call itself a city apparently because of the famous 13th Century Cathedral, as well as many other historic buildings. It's really a beautiful place to visit, interesting shops and fascinating buildings. Places for your little ones to run wild & free, as well as places to gain some interesting historic knowledge!
We started off by heading to St Cuthberts Church. It's the largest parish church in Somerset. It's a beautiful building and the courtyard is lovely. It's such a big area, and there were loads of beautiful flowers growing on the grass. The little ones had great fun being able to be out of the pushchair, and explore!

Walking along the high street, my little guy was just too excited to be able to window shop! You should have seen his little face, he was so happy! Although we did have to keep stopping every 10 seconds for him to look at everything! (They found some balloons too!).

Walking up the high street, we reached the Cathedral grounds. This is like the best place for little ones to run around! This is exactly what they did, as well as rolling around and jumping! 

They started to tire themselves out soon after, and we headed inside the Cathedral.

It's such a beautiful & fascinating building, I am just going to let the photos speak 
for themselves.

After walking through the Cathedral, my little girlie didn't want to leave because she had made friends with the resident cat! We headed outside towards Bishops Palace.

We didn't have time to actually go in to the grounds, but we had a little stroll along the moat outside. This particular part of Wells, as well as many other parts are actually where the movie Hot Fuzz was filmed

Walking along the moat actually brings back wonderful memories for me. My Nan & Granddad used to take me here when I was little, waiting for my Dad to finish work. They used to bring a few slices of bread to feed the birds, and my Nan used to make me little sandwiches cut into squares and popped them in a circular orange tupperware box.  

Have you ever visited Wells?

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