4 Delicious New Pancake Recipes To Try

Happy Pancake Day! I hope you're all planning on cooking up some scrummy pancakes today!

We are very much a basic lemon & sugar pancake family, but I'd love to try something a bit more adventurous this year! I'm sharing with you a few more exciting and delicious recipes with you today, so you'll be sure to find something that takes your fancy!

4 Delicious New Pancake Recipes To Try

Lemon and Raisin Pancakes

Why not try something a little different by adding some juicy plump raisins to the mix! You can find this delicious recipe by Charlotte's Lively Kitchen here!

Decadent Raspberry, Banana & Cream Pancakes

If you really fancy spoiling yourself this Pancake Day, this would definitely be a winner. It just looks so perfect, and such a treat. This yummy recipe is by Blue Bear Wood and you can find it here.

Sugar Free Super Green Pancakes (with Cocoa Sauce)

For a healthier pancake, why not try these sugar & gluten free pancakes for an amazingly delicious guilt free treat. This recipe is by Bark Time & you can find it here.

Last but not by any means least...

Cadbury's Creme Egg Pancakes

Creme Eggs?! And Pancakes?! Ohhh! Be still my beating heart. Seriously, how amazing do these look. Foodie Quine is a genius. You can find this recipe here!

Will you be cooking up any of these delicious pancakes? Or what are your go-to toppings?
4 Delicious New Pancake Recipes To Try

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