11 Easy Ways To Give To Charity

There are a huge number of ways we can help charities, including lots that don't involve breaking the bank. There are lots of options and plenty of ways to give back, help others for free. I wanted to share a bit of inspiration today, a list of ways we can support others. There are no excuses anymore. No reason why you cant be charitable in your everyday life. Doing fun things, living your life and you can give back, support others and simply make the world a bit brighter. 

#1 Donate Your Stuff
There's plenty of items that you can donate to charity. Clothes, Books, DVDs, bedding, furniture, homewear. It's the perfect reason to organise and declutter your home, and well as giving to a worthwhile cause. There's charity shops all over the place that will gladly accept your items directly. As long as you ensure that the items you are donating are in fantastic condition, as they would be sold on. 

#2 Volunteering
Volunteering can be a painless way to give back to the community, especially if you do it with your family or friends. There are so many different ways of volunteering, from helping in charity shops, soup kitchens, teaching, helping the elderly, reading with young children. The opportunities are endless. If you are based in the UK, a great website to check out is DO-IT.ORG, or you could simply look up volunteering in your location online.

#3 Click For A Cause
These are websites that allow you to simply click to donate to charities. It's honestly that simple. So if you really feel you can't do anything else on this list right now, here's one you absolutely can. 
If you visit Care2.com, you can click to donate and help many different causes. Use the tool on the left sidebar to click on each site on the list. It will honestly take you about 3 minutes. 
If you visit The Hunger Site, you can click to donate and help other worthwhile causes. Such as Autism charities, and Alzheimers charities. Seriously it's just one click per charity. It will take literally less than ten minutes if you clicked every charity on both of these websites.  

#4 Sponsor Someone Else
Is a friend, a family member or work collegue doing something to raise money for charity? Sponsored run, sky dive, bunjee jump anything, why not sponsor them a few pounds. It doesn't have to be a lot, and they will really appreciate it, as will the charity they are fundraising for!

#5 Fundraise Yourself!
If you'd rather be the one to do something to raise money for charity, why not! Pick a charity and have a look to see if they have any events going on.

#6 Give Blood
There is always a need for it, giving blood saves lives. Giving blood provides a lifeline for someone in an emergency, or people with long term condition. Even if you're squeamish, be brave. Sign up here to register. Many people would not be alive today if it weren't for blood donors. 

#7 Buy From Charity
As well as donating your items to charity, why not spend a little bit of dosh while you are there? You never know what gems you might find in a charity shop. Brand new clothes, books for 1/4 of the price you'd find elsewhere, maybe even a beautiful new piece of furniture. 

#8 Give Up Something!
Sober October, DECHOX and Movember are just some of the easy ways to can give up (or grow!) something, and help raise money for charity at the same time. 

#9 Craft For Charity
Researching for this post, I found out there are so many ways your crafts can help a charity in need! How fantastic is that! Make a beautiful dress for a girl on the other side of the world, knit a tiny hat for Age UK, create handmade cards for the elderly and lots more! Check out this site for more inspiration! If you are at all crafty, I guarantee there's something you could craft for charity! 

#10 Give Your Loose Change To Collectors
You know, those people you try to avoid eye contact with when you're out shopping. Yes, those people who sit out in the cold day after day, just hoping a few people take notice of them and pop some change into their collecting pots. Why not empty your purse of your loose change and give it to them. 

#11 Register To Be On The Blood Stem Cell Donor List
In the UK, every 20 minutes, someone finds out they have a form of blood cancer. A blood stem cell donation, from a matching donor could save their lives. There is no cost to you, and it's virtually painless. Did you know that there are more than 8,500 known tissue characteristics in millions of combinations. Finding a matching donor is like winning the lottery, so you never know, you might be that last hope for someone. Please, sign up today. 

Remember, all the little things add up. If we all did these little things more often, the world would be a much brighter place.

Why not try and do, at least one of these this month?

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