Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love receiving homemade gifts! They just mean a lot more to me than shop bought. The giver has put a lot of effort into creating something you'll love, and no one else will have the same gift! As well as receiving homemade gifts, I love making gifts for others. Spending time thinking of ideas, working hard to create something the receiver will love. I wanted to share with you some lovely ideas for gifts you could make for your mum this Mother's Day! I hope you find some inspiration!

These Bailey Truffles look absolutely perfect! Any Baileys or Chocolate loving mum would definitely love to receive these! From Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

This lavender body scrub would make a lovely treat for your mum!

Is your mum a chocoholic?! How about a delicious chocolate bouquet? I know I'd love to receive this! From Foodie Quine.

How about some pretty wall art? Why not make your mum some some cute string heart art?

If your mum loves to pamper herself, why not make her some lovely lavender bath salts!

Who doesn't love a good bath bomb! I know I do! Why not make your mum some yummy vanilla scented bath bombs!

If your mum has dry hands or feet, or perhaps she loves gardening and often has rough hands, why not make her some softening hand scrub!

If you're looking for something else totally delicious to bake for your mum, why not make some super fruity chocolate tiffin? From Family Friends Food

What's your favourite homemade gift on the list?

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