My Favourite Moments As A Mum - So Far

In celebration of Mother's Day tomorrow, I wanted to share some of my favourite moments as a mum so far. Just a few little moments that I will treasure forever. I know I will have forgotten some, and many more moments that have yet to come. 
I'm going to start with the first moment in my parenting journey, when my little girlie was born. No one can prepare you for the moment your first child is born. Honestly, no matter what anyone says, how anyone else tries to describe the feeling to you, you wont truly understand until it happens to you. Until you meet your baby for the first time. It's just overwhelming amazing. I remember when the midwives handed me my little girlie, I was crying and repeatedly saying "Oh my god. Oh my god". My beautiful little girlie. Definitely one of the best moments of my entire life.

Another best moment is when my little guy was born 18 months later. It's funny how you sort of forget the labour, but most of all forget the emotions you feel when you hold your newborn baby in your arms. I cried, again. A beautiful baby boy. I couldn't wait to introduce him to his big sister. My two favourite people in the whole world.

There were lots of little moments since then, when my little guy was really little. My little girlie always wanted to be with her brother. Take care of him, snuggle him, change him. But as they've both got older the relationship between them has just blossomed. 

They are so close, they love each other so much and you can just see it between them everyday. It melts my heart. I couldn't be prouder of my two little monkeys. Whenever one of them is upset, the other one immediately rushes over to give them a cuddle. If my little girlie is upset, my little guy tries to tickle her to cheer her up. If my little guy is upset, my little girl sings nursery rhymes in a really sweet soft voice. It works. My little guy cheers up and often starts dancing. It's SO cute.

My little girlie has started trying to teach her brother new words recently. In typical little girl style, the words she has taught him so far is "Elsa" & "Anna". Haha. She's always so proud of her brother when he talks. 

Ok, I can't really pick individual moments. My favourite moments are everyday I spend with my little ones. They make me so proud everyday. I am so proud of the kind, caring, clever little people they have become. Ohhh I just love them so much.

What have some of your favourite moments been as a mum? 
Or perhaps favourite moments you've spent with your mum?

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