Homemade Bee Hotel Craft

The world needs bees! Bees improve pollination and boost the growth of fruit & vegetable plants. It's important to encourage bees into your garden, so what better way than to give them their own place to live! Late Spring/Early Summer is the most important time for bees, because they need to build up their strength after Winter & make lots of bee babies! Today we're going to show you how to make a safe & cosy Bee Hotel for our little stripey friends!

Homemade DIY Bee Hotel Craft

You Will Need:
* A plant pot, a plastic bottle (cut in half) or a tin can
* Bamboo canes or rolled up sheets of paper
* String or raffia
* Compost
* Decorations/Pens to decorate (optional)

For our Bee Hotel we used bamboo canes and a plant pot, but the process is pretty much the same if you use other materials.

1. Cut up the bamboo canes so they'll fit snuggly inside the plant pot.
2. Pack them tightly into the plant pot, and if you need to pack compost around until all the canes are secure.
3. Decorate your hotel if you so wish. My little ones really wanted to decorate it with some fake flowers! (You could paint flowers on, or decorate however you want!)
4. Tie string around the pot nice & tightly, and hang up somewhere in your garden:

(In the end we had to put a nail in our fence, and hang the pot off of it, through the hole on the bottom. Then tied it up with string to secure)
Homemade DIY Bee Hotel Craft

- It needs to be in a sunny, but sheltered spot. 
- The pot needs to be slightly pointed downwards, so it doesn't just fill up with rain
- Pop in near some flowers so the bee's don't have to travel too far. 

If you need some help, here's some flowers that bees love!

Also, if you fancy saving these instructions for later, you can download them here!

What do you think? Will you be making a Bee Hotel with your little ones?

Homemade DIY Bee Hotel Craft

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